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Hi, my name is MichaelCrawford. I am a software consultant, my company is Going''''''Ware Inc.

I've struggled for a long time to learn how to use DocBook, but I think I've finally got the hang of it.

The problem for me wasn't learning the markup, but getting the tools needed to publish my documents to work properly. I'm able to use DocBook XML on Slack''''''Ware 8 and Debian Woody Linux.

I have edited the widely used script "db2hmtl" (a jade wrapper) to do XML and to work right on both Slack''''''Ware and Debian. I haven't finished with it yet, when I do I will check it into Zoo''''''Lib's CVS (http://zoolib.sourceforge.net).

I'm using DocBook for two projects - writing The''''''Zoo''''''Lib''''''Cookbook, an introductory programmer's tutorial for the Zoo''''''Lib cross-platform application framework, and for writing articles at my website Byte''''''Swap.net - http://www.byteswap.net/

The''''''Zoo''''''Lib''''''Cookbook is available as an early draft at http://www.goingware.com/zoolib/cookbook/ The XML source is in Zoo''''''Lib's CVS at Source''''''Forge.

Byte''''''Swap.net is meant as an educational resource to teach programmers about portable and cross-platform software development. So far I have one article there, which I did in DocBook XML, "Writing Cross-Platform Software - Getting Started" at http://www.byteswap.net/mikesnotes/2002/getting-started/

I play piano (http://www.geometricvisions.com/music/) and grind telescope mirrors (http://www.geometricvisions.com/atm/)

I have a B.A. in Physics from U.C. Santa Cruz. I also attended Cal''''''Tech for a couple years.

I'm married to a woman named Bonita Hatcher. We live in Mid''''''Coast''''''Maine in the U.S.A.