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Norman Walsh is the chair of the DocBookTechnicalCommittee, maintainer of the website, original author of a bunch of stylesheets, and co-author of DocBookTheDefinitiveGuide.

He can be reached at (and, honestly, a whole bunch of other places, but that's not important). He also has an Advogato page that he pretends he'll have time to update.

That's enough for now.

Well, I'm curious: how did you get involved with DocBook in the first place, Norm? -- DanC

Oh... I should add: my involvement is on and off, but goes back to a the Davenport meeting in Sebastopol in 1991, when DocBook was called the OSF something or other. I can't find records of that meeting, by the way; I want to point to them from my travel/talks page.

DanC: The first day I started work at O'Reilly in, uhm, November of 1994, I think, I learned that my job was going to be to write an SGML publishing system. They had decided that all of the documentation would be done in SGML so that it could be published in print and online and reused and etc. DocBook was pretty well established by Dale and Terry at that point, who were working on getting the X books converted. The Davenport Group meetings are where I met people like Jon, Murray, Paul, and Eve (I wonder if you were still involved in '94? Did we meet first at a Davenport Group meeting?). The rest, as they say, is history.

I'd have to dig a bit to find my earliest notes, but I'm sure they don't go back any further than '94.

Norman, diffs don't work at all, which can be either caused by "diff" not being in the web server PATH, or by the strange date problems I noticed (but I think it's diff not being found). -- JürgenHermann

Thanks, JürgenHermann. I pointed to the diff program explicitly in the wiki's and now it seems to be working. -- NormanWalsh

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