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Shlomi Fish edited this page Sep 4, 2020 · 3 revisions

Simplified DocBook is a DocBookCustomization that provides a small subset of the full DocBookDtd; in contrast to the full DocBook DTD, which contains about 390 elements, the Simplified DocBook DTD contains only about 100 elements -- roughly on the same order as the number of elements in HTML 4.01.

Over the years, the notion of a "simple" DocBook subset has come up many times. It has been observed that the number of elements in DocBook can be a little overwhelming to the new user.

Simplified DocBook is an attempt to make a small subset of DocBook meet the following criteria:

  • Documents written in the subset must be 100% legal DocBook documents
  • The subset can be used to create "standalone" documents (articles, white papers, etc.), but not books
  • The set of elements and attributes should be the smallest practical subset
  • The subset must work in online browsers and must be small enough to download more-or-less painlessly

The latest version of Simplified DocBook is available from the Simplified DocBook page at the official DocBook site at OASIS.

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