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Some specific examples of content that companies, organizations, projects, and people have created using DocBook:

  • help systems
  • Web sites
  • books
  • reference pages
  • FAQs
  • white papers
  • training courseware
  • articles
  • API documentation
  • reports
  • functional specifications
  • "how to" guides and other procedural documentation
  • presentations

DocBook is built in such a way that you can use it to author any kind of modular content. That is, you can use it not just to author printed books and articles, but also to create reusable sections or "topics" that can be combined and presented in any form you choose ? delivered as pages for a Web site, for example, or as a series of slides in a slide presentation, or as a set of help topics. That's because DocBook is designed from the ground up to give you a means for marking up content in such way that you can store it and reuse it as you see fit ? what?s sometimes called "single-sourcing" or "separating content from style".

For more information about companies, organizations, and projects that are using DocBook, see the WhoUsesDocBook page. Most of the document types listed above are supported in the DocBookDtd itself. Others are supported throughout optional off-the-shelf customizations of the DocBookDtd -- see the DocBookDoctypes page for more information.

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