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If you're involved in a project, organization, or company that's using DocBook (or even just using DocBook on your own), please provide some brief details here.


Projects, organizations, and companies that are using DocBook.

Individuals who are using DocBook.

  • MeganGolding uses DocBook at to write user docs in PDF and HTML output formats and internal docs in primarily HTML output format.

  • NormanWalsh uses DocBook for just about everything. :)

  • JesseProulx uses a small subset of DocBook to write his own novellas.

  • Philippe BOURCIER uses DocBook for his personnal website and used it same before at to make his website, slides and docs.

  • MartinWheeler uses DocBook to mark up literary biographies. Also HOWTOs.

  • uses DocBook for writing Tutorials on the web. He is currently working on his diploma thesis concerning a document management system based on docbook.

  • Chris Maden uses a DocBook-based application to prepare training material for clients, and presented a poster on this work at Extreme Markup 2002. He also prepares white papers for clients as DocBook articles.

  • MichaelWiedmann uses DocBook for the project TeX-Refs, help and reference files for TeX and his friends.

  • Togan Muftuoglu uses Docbook for the project Unofficial SuSE FAQ

  • Jochen Hein uses DocBook for his website, slides for talks and workshops, his SAP notes, a book for Pearson Education (Source in DocBook, converted into Pearson-DTD with XSLT) and recently for literate programming.

  • Kevin Dunn wrote a book, Caveman Chemistry, using DocBook SGML. The HTML version of the book is available at Caveman Chemistry. The website uses the DocBook Website DTD and his lecture slides use the DocBookSlides DTD.

  • uses DocBook for different websites, slides, articles, and handbooks.

  • Devin Bayer is using DocBook to write a rulebook for Full Contact Magic, a LARP.

  • Wiki:SeanOleary is learning DocBook to help him prepare Chemical Emergency Plans.

  • Myrnham Associates provide Courseware Authoring, Customisation & Management software based on Docbook.

  • Scott Nesbitt uses DocBook XML (and occasionally SGML) to write articles, documentation, and online help. His Web site was created using the Website stylesheets, and he also uses DocBook to create presentations -- mainly with David Cramer's DocBook2OperaShow customization layer.

  • Christopher Browne uses DocBook for his web site, as well as for writing books.

  • TillyBayardRichard encourages and supports the use of DocBook at She is in charge of the publishing process for the user documentation in HTML and PDF.

  • Arthur Tsai from Taiwan uses DocBook. And he ''doesn't'' really do programming. He use docbook format for diary and '''school-assignment that he wants to preserve'''. He just likes the idea of XML and ''hates MS's ".doc"'' format. He had used ''XHTML'', but it's ''not precise enough''. Although he thinks that docbook is ''too computer-science-specific'', he still thinks it's a '''good format'''.

  • Haisheng Hu is finding out the fascination of ''Docbook'' while building his new website at Silent Me. He also customized the stylesheet to fit for ''XHTML 1.1''.

  • Patrik Olterman uses DocBook for writing course material/slides and a Debian guide for the Unix courses at Nackademin

  • Jean-Pierre Bouquillon uses Docbook Website and Slides for his website and Book for à nonprofit association of Montelimar France.

  • S. Alan Ezust uses Docbook for his website, course material, textbook, and other online documentation related to programming language training, in Ottawa Canada.

  • TammyCravit is using DocBook for business and technical writing, and is experimenting with the use of DocBook and Simplified DocBook for her fiction and magazine writing projects.

  • CamilleBegnis uses DocBook as much as possible for anything it is suited for.

  • ReneFeuchtinger uses DocBook for his web site, writing technical documentation and for his AXitd (Applied XML in Technical Documentation) projects

  • DanielSavarese uses DocBook to maintain his web site and to write books about software development.

  • Pupeno uses DocBook whenever it's possible. The lasts documents he wrote are in DocBook.

  • Chris Karakas uses DocBook for all documents on his homepage around his work. He also uses DocBook to create the documentation of his professional IT projects. For all this he uses a procedure that he describes in Document processing with LyX and SGML.

  • EduardoMercovich uses Docbook for any writing that it´s not in a wiki, i.e., general publishing, be it consulting, the web or special electronic editions of books. He is also trying to spread Docbook use in Argentina, so anyone interested is invited to contact him.

  • Alex Nadolinski used DocBook for making book building engine of SafariU project and uses it for writing any kind of documentation.

  • Fred Brown, Allegro Technical Indexing, writes indexes for books and technical documentation created in DocBook.

  • RichardHamilton uses DocBook for as many things as possible.

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