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@ndw ndw released this Sep 12, 2019

The primary motivation for this release was to improve support for Saxon 9.9. Along the way, I made a few other improvements.

  1. Replace many occurrences of xsl:value-of with xsl:sequence so that err:SXWN9000 is not issued as a warning by Saxon 9.9
  2. Added support for the other style in keycap.
  3. Cleaned up a bunch of whitespace inconsistencies (spaces vs. tabs, linebreaks, etc.)
  4. Tinkered with the jar file manifest to make it easier to use directly on the classpath (as opposed to through Maven)
  5. Updated the Travis build to use OpenJDK8
  6. Updated the build infrastructure (version of Gradle)

I made a couple of incomplete releases, 2.3.12 and 2.3.13, which I've deleted.

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