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Flatland Rover 3DML Viewer
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Flatland Rover 3DML Viewer

This repository contains source code for the Flatland Rover 3DML viewer and its associated tools as it was found on an archived copy of from December 6, 2000. It is provided here purely for historical purposes and I have not attempted to build any of the projects in this repository.

Absolutely NO support is provided.


  • 3dml - Flatland Rover 3DML viewer source code
  • dxf2block - DXF2block tool source code
  • editbset - EditBset tool source code
  • jpeg - source code used to build Jpeg.lib in 3dml/Jpeg
  • unzip - source code used to build UNZIP.LIB in 3dml/Unzip


The 3dml, dxf2block, and editbset projects are released under the Flatland Public License 1.1 (an amended version of the Mozilla Public License 1.1). See the LICENSE file for the full text of the FPL.

Other projects are released under their respective licenses.

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