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Integrates LTTng's kernel-level tracing with the Jaeger trace framework.

Note that this repository simply contains a few helper scripts to run Skua. All of the Skua repos are available on GitHub; see setup for instructions.


See our slides for details on our motivation, design, implementation, and results.


  • OpenTracing C++ v1.4.2
  • Apache Thrift v0.11.0
  • Golang with a $GOPATH setup and $GOPATH/bin added to the path
  • A working Jaeger collection setup. For development purposes, it is easiest to run the jaegertracing/all-in-one docker container.
  • Babeltrace


  1. Recompile your Linux kernel with our modified version of Linux. Because our changes to the kernel are very minimal, it is also possible to apply the patch to a different Linux source tree.
  2. Compile and install the skua kernel module using the instructions in the README.
  3. Install lttng-tools v2.10.
  4. Install our modified version of lttng-modules v2.10.
  5. Fetch the skua-lttng-adapter using go get -u
  6. Install Skua-patched Jaeger client libraries as needed. Currently, have patched the C++ and Java Jaeger clients.


Instrumenting an Application

You can instrument an application using Jaeger. When building your application, simply use our modified Jaeger client libraries. As of now, we only support C++ and Java -- see the setup section for links.


We have included a few scripts to help streamline the tracing process. These scripts assume a working Skua setup, as detailed above, and additionally use the jaegertracing/all-in-one docker image for reporting traces.

  1. Start tracing by running the ./ script.
  2. Track the target process(es). Note that Skua can only trace applications that are using the modified Jaeger client libraries. The easiest way to track the target process is by prepending the ./ script before the application's start command. If this is not possible, you must manually track the PID of the target process using lttng track -k --pid <pid>.
  3. When finished tracing, run the ./ script.
  4. View the trace information using the Jaeger Web UI, which usually runs on port 16686.

Skua set up


On Mass Open Cloud:

  1. Flavor: m1.s2.xlarge & 50+ GB Volume (comply kernel takes space)

  2. OS: Ubuntu 18 LTS

  3. Security Group need to open the following ports for Ingress and Egress

    TCP: 5000, 5778, 9411, 14268, 16686, 22, 80, 443

    UDP: 5775, 6831, 6832

  4. Add SSH key to github

cd ~/.ssh
ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C ""

Add content in it to github ssh keys

1. Apply patched kernel (4.15.14)

More info from: docc-lab/skua-linux-lttng

Either use root or normal user:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y git fakeroot build-essential ncurses-dev xz-utils libssl-dev bc flex libelf-dev bison cmake libyaml-cpp-dev
cd ~/
mv a3225b07d9437791069476cc1669f879d2cf6bb2...master.patch skua.patch
cd && wget
xz -cd linux-4.15.14.tar.xz | tar xvf -
cd ~/linux-4.15.14
git init
git apply --stat ~/skua.patch
git apply --check ~/skua.patch
git apply ~/skua.patch
cd ~/linux-4.15.14
cp /boot/config-$(uname -r) .config
make menuconfig
make # takes a long long time, 4+ hours on MOC
sudo make modules_install
sudo make install
sudo update-initramfs -c -k 4.15.14
sudo reboot

Use the following command to check if the kernel changed to 4.15.14

uname -r

2. Install Go and set up directory

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:longsleep/golang-backports
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y golang-go

Set up GOPATH in the rc file, remember to apply it whatever user later you will use to run skua.

vi ~/.bashrc

Add the following line to then end of the rc file.

export GOPATH=$HOME/go
export PATH=$PATH:$GOROOT/bin:$GOPATH/bin

Apply the change

source ~/.bashrc

3. Install thrift v0.11.0

Set up github ssh key before clone projects from github.

sudo apt-get install -y automake bison flex g++ git libboost-all-dev libevent-dev libssl-dev libtool make pkg-config
cd && git clone
cd ~/thrift
git checkout 0.11.0
make # take some time
sudo make install

4. Install opentracing c++ client

cd && git clone
cd ~/opentracing-cpp/
git checkout v1.4.2
mkdir .build && cd .build
cmake ..
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig # rebuild share library cache

5. Install docker and jaeger

sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y apt-transport-https ca-certificates curl software-properties-common
curl -fsSL | sudo apt-key add -
sudo add-apt-repository "deb [arch=amd64] bionic stable"
sudo apt update
apt-cache policy docker-ce
sudo apt install -y docker-ce

Install jaeger docker image

sudo docker pull jaegertracing/all-in-one:1.16
sudo docker run -d --name jaeger \
  -p 5775:5775/udp \
  -p 6831:6831/udp \
  -p 6832:6832/udp \
  -p 5778:5778 \
  -p 16686:16686 \
  -p 14268:14268 \
  -p 14250:14250 \
  -p 9411:9411 \
  --name jaeger_all_in_one \

Be cautious the script of skua sometime runs docker use root privilege. Change user privilege or script if needed.

sudo groupadd docker
sudo usermod -aG docker $USER

6. Install Babeltrace

sudo apt-get install -y babeltrace

7. Comply and install skua kernel module


cd && git clone
cd ~/skua-jaeger-ctx/
sudo insmod jaeger_ctx.ko

8. Install skua modified lttng-tools v2.10

Install pre-request library

# install liburcu
cd && git clone git://
cd ~/userspace-rcu
git checkout stable-0.9
sudo apt-get install -y autoconf automake autopoint
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig # rebuild share library cache

sudo apt-get install -y libpopt-dev uuid-dev libxml2-dev liblttng-ust-dev asciidoc

Install skua modified lttng tools

cd && git clone
cd ~/skua-lttng-tools
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

Be cautious the script of skua sometime runs lttng use root privilege. Change user privilege or script if needed.

sudo groupadd lttng
sudo usermod -aG lttng $USER

9. Install modified version of lttng-modules v2.10

cd && git clone
cd ~/skua-lttng-modules
sudo make modules_install
sudo depmod -a

10. Fetch skua-lttng-adapter

go get -u

11. Install skua-patched Jaeger Client libraries

cd && git clone
cd ~/skua-jaeger-client-cpp

Regenerate submodule

git submodule update --init
find idl/thrift/ -type f -name \*.thrift -exec thrift -gen cpp -out src/jaegertracing/thrift-gen {} \;
git apply scripts/thrift-gen.patch

Install the library

cd ~/skua-jaeger-client-cpp
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
./app ../examples/config.yml
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig # rebuild share library cache

12. Start using skua

download skua script

cd && git clone

download skua test program

cd && git clone

13. Use skua-test program

Comply the C++ test program:

cd ~/skua-tests/correctness
# once succeed, there will be a.out file in the folder

Start tracing:

cd ~/skua
./ ~/skua-tests/correctness/a.out

Stop tracing:

cd ~/skua

Log on the Jaeger's UI and check the result




Integrates LTTng's kernel-level tracing with the Jaeger trace framework.






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