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STP Setup

Shit Talker Phoenix 1.0 for Windows by DocDawning (Jaymus)

I wrote this in the tradition of that established by our old friend Jaundice.

Download Binaries

Go here for a binary:

Development Status

Update 2017-02-14: This project has been largely neglected for years. I've recently cloned this repo in to my private revision control and am considering updating it for distribution via the Windows Store. I am currently unsure about navigating licensing around Visual Studio, that could sink new efforts.

Given I've put this code here, others are able to fork it as they please.

Adding Voices

I'm not really certain of how to Microsoft TTS voices, but I'm sure there's a way. I wrote the preferences dialog for this thing to try to take advantage of machines that are indeed configured with multiple voices.

Thanks, etc

Thanks to the InterWebs for various code snippets and what not. I haven't made a point of writing C# applications, so I needed a few nuggets of help.


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