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Here's my repo for assets relevant to Cupcake155, my modernized Makerbot Cupcake CNC derived machine.
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Cupcake155 is my modernized MakerBot Cupcake CNC Printer. The Cupcakes were really Repraps. Mine was the 155th MakerBot and I've since gutted it to keep it fairly current.

This repo contains the files I have changed to suit the needs of my printer. You can find the marlin sources here:

To use, you need to replace the corresponding marlin files with those included here, compile and upload to your RAMBo motherboard. There's a fair chance no one else will ever use this, but I have a feeling it could help a few folks.

I've also included some STLs for addons, some designed by me, some taken from elsewhere.

The Cupcake155 project home is here: Also, here:


Configuration Revisions

VersionXY FeedratesE feedrateXY accelZ accelXY jerk
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