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This little repo stores files needed to support the Samsung ML-1610 on modern macOS
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Here's just a dump of files I got together in order to get my modern macOS machines to print through my very very old Samsung ML-1610 laser printer. This printer's a little gem that with some software support, still works quite well.

My detailed blog post introducing ml1610-blaster is here: ml1610-blaster on

Installation Steps

  1. Download the release zip: here's a link.
  2. Unzip the release zip somewhere, pay attention where.
  3. Run the splix installer. It WILL FAIL. But it seems to succeed enough in some way that matters. (You'll probably have to go through your Security settings to get the installer to open)
  4. Open your System Preferences, go in to Printers and click the plus button to add a new one.
  5. Opt to select your own driver and navigate to the unzipped files, pick the ml1610.ppd file.

Installation Demo

The video should appear above, but it may be slow because it's a massive GIF, it can also be watched on YouTube, here

-James T Snell

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