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This repo contains all content files used to generate and deploy my blog.


My blog uses Pelican backend as engine. Pelican is a static - file generator.

Blog is deployed on Google Cloud Platform using Terraform.

Installation & Development

Simply install Pelican and generate static files. Use Pelican's development server in order to run a local development version.

I strongly suggest using virtualenv & virtualenvwrapper in order to keep Pelican's libraries isolated from your OS ones.

pip install -r requirements.txt


Whole deployment model is described in Terraform files. Simply read those and run in order to deploy:

1. `cd terraform`
1. `terraform apply`

AppEngine Image updater

So the ideas is about fully automated process of updating Compute Engine cloud images used on this blog. As blog uses stock centos images all we need to do is replacing instances with new ones as new instances have updates libraries.

GCP Instance managers has ability to rolling replace instances. We just need a trigger. And for that purposes we use AppEngine which provides a cron-like scheduler. The only application feature is to invoke API request to the instance manager endpoint.