Hacking around systemd-nspawn, runc, docker and systemd.
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systemd conference 2015 hacking

Some hacking around systemd I did basing on systemd 2015 conference

This repository consists mainly of ansible-playbooks used to spin some containers using different containers technologies (docker, runc, systemd-nspawn, rkt).


  • F22 minimal installation on VM w/installed
  • ssh pubkey exported to root account of this VM (ssh-copy-id root@<host_ip_addr>)
  • replace your VM's IP addr in inventory/all file
  • installed python libs and libselinux-python on this VM (dnf install -y python libselinux-python python2-dnf)
  • Whole setup bases on static addresses on VMs:
    • for vanilla-installation (minimal) of Fedora 22
    • for docker VM
    • for runc VM
    • for systemd-nspawn VM
    • for rkt VM
    • for docker registry
  • I also used my local Docker registry (as I do some work in areas where connectivity is rather poor, so it's easier this way). This registry might be created with plays/docker_registry_deployer.yml

What we can do here?

  • Prepare environment (like preparing vanila F22 installation; creating ansible user, configuring sudo etc): ansible-playbook plays/prepare-env.yml
  • Prepare networking (switch from NetworkManager to systemd-networkd and systemd-resolved): ansible-playbook plays/prepare-networking.yml
  • Create and deploy Docker registry: ansible-playbook plays/docker_registry_deployer.yml

Still todo

  • Create basic docker images & containers for GoCD (server & agent). Use ansible internally to deploy apps.
  • Pack above containers FS and create runc containers from it;
  • Create systemd-nspawn containers and deploy GoCD using prepared earlier ansible-playbooks
  • Run same apps on rkt
  • maybe try to set this up using ovs L2 bridge?
  • Use unprivileged containers