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(in-package :asia)
(defun make-temp-name ()
(format nil "ASIA-~A-~A-~A-~A"
(implementation-identifier) (getpid)
(get-universal-time) (random #xFFFF)))
(defun make-temp-package ()
(flet ((%try ()
(make-package (make-temp-name) :use '(:cl :asdf :asia))))
(loop :for package := (ignore-errors (%try))
:when package
:return package)))
(defun make-temp-pathname (&key type defaults)
"Generates a unique temporary pathname. Keyword parameters are the
same as PATHSPEC."
(location (list *temporary-directory*
#+(and (or win32 windows mswindows mingw32) (not cygwin))
#-(and (or win32 windows mswindows mingw32) (not cygwin))
(format nil "asia~A" (get-uid))
(pathspec (make-temp-name) :type type :defaults defaults))))
(defun manifest-pathname (prefix name pathspec)
(location (list *project-manifest* prefix name (pathspec pathspec))))
(defmacro with-manifest-file ((stream prefix name pathspec) &body body)
(with-unique-names (fname)
`(let* ((,fname (manifest-pathname ,prefix ,name ,pathspec)))
(when (probe-file ,fname)
(with-open-file (,stream ,fname)
(defmacro with-system-file ((stream system-name pathspec) &body body)
`(with-manifest-file (,stream "systems" ,system-name ,pathspec)
(defmacro with-project-file ((stream project-name pathspec) &body body)
`(with-manifest-file (,stream "projects" ,project-name ,pathspec)