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(in-package :asia)
(defun git-install (url project)
;; Debian Git 1: has a bug causes we can't use
;; project-directory since it has a trailing slash.
(run-shell-command "git clone '~A' ~A" url
(pathname-as-file (project-directory project))))
(defun svn-install (url project)
(run-shell-command "svn checkout '~A' ~A" url (project-directory project)))
(defun darcs-install (url project)
(run-shell-command "darcs get '~A' ~A" url (project-directory project)))
(defun cvs-install (url project)
(let* ((name (project-name project))
(fmt "cd ~A && cvs -d '~A' checkout -d '~A' '~A'")
(pos (position #\# url :from-end t)))
(multiple-value-bind (cvsroot module)
(cond ((null pos) (values url name))
((= pos (1- (length url))) (values (subseq url 0 pos) name))
(t (values (subseq url 0 pos) (subseq url (1+ pos)))))
(run-shell-command fmt (source-location) cvsroot name module))))
(defun tarbomb-p (filename &optional options)
(in (with-output-to-string (*verbose-out*)
(run-shell-command "tar t ~@[~A~] -f ~A" options filename)))
(read-line in nil nil)
(loop :for name := (read-line in nil nil)
:while name
:collect (let* ((pos (position #\/ name)))
(if pos (subseq name 0 pos) name))))
:test 'equal)))
(defun tar-install (filename project &optional options)
(run-shell-command "tar x ~:[--strip-components=1~;~] ~@[~A~] -f ~A -C ~A"
(tarbomb-p filename) options filename
(ensure-directories-exist (project-directory project))))
(defun directory-install (dirname project)
(let* ((tarfile (make-temp-pathname :type "tar"))
(dir (pathname-directory dirname))
(parent (make-pathname :directory (butlast dir) :defaults dirname)))
(run-shell-command "tar c -C ~A -f ~A ~A" parent tarfile (first (last dir)))
(tar-install tarfile project)))
(defun local-install (filename project)
(let* ((type (pathname-type filename))
(name (pathname-name filename)))
(cond ((directory-pathname-p filename)
(directory-install filename project))
((and type (string= "tar" type))
(tar-install filename project))
((or (and type (string= "tgz" type))
(and type (string= "gz" type)
name (pregexp-match "\\.tar$" name)))
(tar-install filename project "-z"))
((or (and type (pregexp-match "^(tbz2|tbz|tb2)$" type))
(and type (pregexp-match "^(bz2|bz)$" type)
name (pregexp-match "\\.tar$" name)))
(tar-install filename project "-j")))))
(defun curl-install (url project)
(let* ((tmpdir (make-temp-pathname :type :directory)))
(delete-directory-and-files tmpdir :if-does-not-exist :ignore)
(ensure-directories-exist tmpdir)
(run-shell-command "cd ~A && curl -s -J -O '~A'" tmpdir url)
(local-install (first (list-directory tmpdir)) project)))
(defun git-url-p (url)
(pregexp-match "(?x:
| /git(/|$)
| \\.git/?$
| ^[a-z][a-z0-9+.-]*://git\\.
| ^([^:/]+@)?git\\..+:
(defun svn-url-p (url)
(pregexp-match "(?x:
| /svn(/|$)
| ^[a-z][a-z0-9+.-]*://svn\\.
(defun darcs-url-p (url)
(pregexp-match "(?x:
| ^[a-z][a-z0-9+.-]*://darcs\\.
| ^([^:/]+@)?darcs\\..+:
(defun cvs-url-p (url)
(pregexp-match "^:pserver:" url))
(defun curl-url-p (url)
(pregexp-match "^(https?|ftps?|sftp|file)://" url))
(defun guess-backend (url)
"Guesses the backend name based on URL's pattern."
(cond ((git-url-p url) 'git-install)
((svn-url-p url) 'svn-install)
((darcs-url-p url) 'darcs-install)
((cvs-url-p url) 'cvs-install)
((curl-url-p url) 'curl-install)
(t 'local-install)))
(defun generic-install (url project)
(cond ((null url) (error "url cannot be NIL.~%"))
((null project) (error "project cannot be NIL.~%"))
((or (functionp url) (symbolp url)) (funcall url))
((pathnamep url) (local-install url project))
((stringp url) (funcall (guess-backend url) url project))
(t (error 'type-error :datum url
:expected-type '(or function pathname string (and symbol (not null)))))))
(defun make-installer (url project)
(lambda () (generic-install url project)))
(defun project-installed-p (project)
"Returns true if PROJECT is installed; otherwise, returns false."
(directory-exists-p (project-directory project)))
(defun %install-project (project url)
(let* ((*verbose-out* *standard-output*)
(project-name (project-name project))
(loc (list *project-manifest* "projects" project-name))
(*default-pathname-defaults* (location loc :directory t)))
(funcall (cond (url (make-installer url project))
((with-project-file (in project-name "installer.lisp")
(let ((package (make-temp-package)))
(let* ((*package* package)
(form (read in nil nil)))
(and form (coerce form 'function)))
(delete-package package))))))
((with-project-file (in project-name "url")
(let* ((url (read-line in nil nil)))
(and url (make-installer url project)))))
((error "Cannot install ~A: url not found.~%" project-name))))))
(defun install-project (project &key url)
"Installs PROJECT. If URL is a function, use it to install; if URL
is a string or pathname, use a standard installer; if URL is NIL, this
function will look up the manifest file to get a url or installer.
Returns true if PROJECT is installed; otherwise, returns false."
(unless project
(error "Project is NIL.~%"))
(let* ((name (project-name project))
(dir (project-directory project))
(installed nil))
(when (project-ignored-p project)
(error "Project ~A is ignored.~%" name))
(when (project-installed-p project)
(error "Project ~A is installed.~%" name))
(with-simple-restart (retry "Reinstall ~A." name)
(%install-project project url)
(return (setf installed (project-installed-p project))))
(unless installed
(delete-directory-and-files dir :if-does-not-exist :ignore))))))
(defun delete-project (project)
"Deletes PROJECT's directory."
(unless project
(error "Project is NIL.~%"))
(let* ((name (project-name project))
(dir (project-directory project)))
(when (project-ignored-p project)
(error "Project ~A is ignored.~%" name))
(delete-directory-and-files dir :if-does-not-exist :ignore)))