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(in-package :asia)
(defun source-location ()
"Returns the real location of the installed source code. If
*SOURCE-LOCATION* is not nil, returns *SOURCE-LOCATION*; otherwise,
returns the \"source\" subdirectory of *PROJECT-MANIFEST*."
(or *source-location*
(location (list *project-manifest* "source") :directory t)))
(defun project-name (project)
"Returns PROJECT's name. For a string, returns itself; for a
symbol, returns downcase symbol name; for NIL, singals an error."
(etypecase project
(null (error "Project cannot be NIL."))
(string project)
(symbol (string-downcase (symbol-name project)))))
(defun project-directory (project)
"Returns PROJECT's directory."
(location (list (source-location) (project-name project)) :directory t))
(defun project-ignored-p (project)
"Tests whether PROJECT is ignored by ASIA."
(let* ((name (project-name project)))
(or (probe-file (manifest-pathname "projects" name "ignore"))
(find name
'("sb-aclrepl" "sb-bsd-sockets" "sb-cltl2" "sb-concurrency"
"sb-cover" "sb-grovel" "sb-introspect" "sb-md5" "sb-posix"
"sb-queue" "sb-rotate-byte" "sb-rt" "sb-simple-streams")
'("asia" "asdf"))
:key 'project-name :test 'string=))))