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This package has been merged into EMMS. It'll be deprecated and removed from MELPA and el-get.

How to migrate

  1. Delete this package from Emacs.
  2. You don't need (require 'emms-player-mpv) any more, (require 'emms) will do that for you.
  3. EMMS has put mpv in its default player list, but you can still customize emms-player-list.


This project won't accept bug reports, feature requests or any other issues any more. Please send them to the EMMS mailing list.

emms-player-mpv.el --- mpv support for EMMS

MELPA MELPA Stable Average time to resolve an issue Percentage of issues still open

This library provides a player that uses mpv for EMMS. It supports pause and seeking. See mpv manual for more.

This library is based on `emms-player-mplayer.el' in EMMS.


This library is available on MELPA and el-get as emms-player-mpv.

Otherwise, download emms-player-mpv.el and put it in your load path.


Add the following into your .emacs:

(require 'emms-player-mpv)
(add-to-list 'emms-player-list 'emms-player-mpv)


Loading Subtitles Automatically

Put sub-auto=fuzzy in your config file.

Disable GUI Windows when Playing Audio Files

Some people want to display image attachments for audios but some people don't. I decide to leave this config as default.

By default, mpv displays image attachments. To disable it, put audio-display=no in your config file.