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A Yeoman generator for @doches' typical frontend stack.
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This is a Yeoman generator that scaffolds out a ready-to-hack web frontend with Typescript and React for components, Less for styles, and webpack for building. Think Create React App, but customised for a specific toolset and without all the hand-holding.

Getting Started

Install Yeoman via yarn, or npm, or whatever JS package manager is hot this week:

$ yarn global add yo

Once you've got Yeoman set up, install this generator:

$ yarn global add generator-tfountain-webstack

Create the directory in which your new project will live, then call Yeoman to scaffold out your project:

$ mkdir awesome-app
$ cd awesome-app
$ yo tfountain-webstack

Answer a couple of easy questions, and you'll be greeted with a ready-to-rock project. Open the directory up in your editor of choice (I like VS Code), fire up your terminal, and start a dev server with yarn start.

Batteries Included

  • Typescript 3.x -- For those of us who prefer a little C# in our JS.
  • Webpack 4.x -- You prefer Rollup? Browserify? Parcel? Gulp? Grunt? (!?) Great! I prefer Webpack.
  • Less -- Writing straight CSS is madness, and Sass is just too much of a good thing.
  • React 16.x -- It's dangerous to go alone. Here, take all of Facebook's domain knowledge and best practices with you.
  • Babel 7.x -- Pick a Javascript, any Javascript
  • ESLint 6.x -- Look, we all make mistakes, ok?
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