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A simple IDE for LilyPond
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A stylish, easy-to-use editor for LilyPond.


LilyPond is a fantastic tool for typesetting beautiful musical scores, but its learning curve is tremendous. LilyPond-UI makes writing & editing scores in LilyPond easier by providing a set of easy-to-use features in one package:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • In-line error and warning messages
  • Adjustable two-up code and preview windows
  • Easy access to the raw LilyPond output, for debugging

Getting Started (for macOS, other platforms not (yet) supported).

  1. Install the macOS build of LilyPond from
  2. Download the most recent LilyPond.Editor.dmg from the GitHub releases.
  3. Open LilyPond.Editor.dmg and drag LilyPond into your Applications folder
  4. Launch LilyPond Editor, open a score, and write!

Useful Commands

  • Quickly save & render the open score with ⌘s
  • To just re-render the file (without saving any changes), hit ⌘r
  • Start fresh with a new LilyPond source file with ⌘n
  • Open a preferences window where you can tweak some settings with ⌘,
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