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Kernel builder and configs for my servers. Building uses roller inside a Docker container.

Feel free to borrow them if you'd like. I use them primarily on my Linodes ( for Archlinux servers.

To release a new kernel

Generate the new config

Run make manual and ./dev/ configs/OLD_VERSION to generate a new config for the latest mainline kernel. You can optionally generate the config for a different kernel version by using the -k option.

Test the new config locally

To test the build, you can run make manual and then ./dev/build.rb configs/NEW_CONFIG

Push to GitHub

Commit the new config and push to GitHub, which will kick off a build in Circle and expose the resulting vmlinuz file.

Tag the release

Tag the release with the version/revision and push the tag, which will build the kernel in Circle and then create a GitHub release asset from it.


To start a shell inside the Docker build environment for manual actions, use make manual.


The scripts in this repository are released under the MIT license. See the bundled LICENSE file for details.