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# All other flavors inherit the `common' config snippet
common: &common
issue: '"docker-registry server"'
# Default log level is info
loglevel: _env:LOGLEVEL:info
# Enable debugging (additional informations in the output of the _ping endpoint)
debug: _env:DEBUG:false
# By default, the registry acts standalone (eg: doesn't query the index)
standalone: _env:STANDALONE:true
# The default endpoint to use (if NOT standalone) is
index_endpoint: _env:INDEX_ENDPOINT:
# Storage redirect is disabled
storage_redirect: _env:STORAGE_REDIRECT
# Token auth is enabled (if NOT standalone)
disable_token_auth: _env:DISABLE_TOKEN_AUTH
# No priv key
privileged_key: _env:PRIVILEGED_KEY
# No search backend
search_backend: _env:SEARCH_BACKEND
# SQLite search backend
sqlalchemy_index_database: _env:SQLALCHEMY_INDEX_DATABASE:sqlite:////tmp/docker-registry.db
# Mirroring is not enabled
source: _env:MIRROR_SOURCE #
source_index: _env:MIRROR_SOURCE_INDEX #
tags_cache_ttl: _env:MIRROR_TAGS_CACHE_TTL:172800 # seconds
db: _env:CACHE_REDIS_DB:0
# Enabling LRU cache for small files
# This speeds up read/write on small files
# when using a remote storage backend (like S3).
# Enabling these options makes the Registry send an email on each code Exception
smtp_host: _env:SMTP_HOST
smtp_port: _env:SMTP_PORT:25
smtp_login: _env:SMTP_LOGIN
smtp_password: _env:SMTP_PASSWORD
smtp_secure: _env:SMTP_SECURE:false
from_addr: _env:SMTP_FROM_ADDR:docker-registry@localdomain.local
to_addr: _env:SMTP_TO_ADDR:noise+dockerregistry@localdomain.local
# Enable bugsnag (set the API key)
bugsnag: _env:BUGSNAG
# CORS support is not enabled by default
origins: _env:CORS_ORIGINS
methods: _env:CORS_METHODS
headers: _env:CORS_HEADERS:[Content-Type]
expose_headers: _env:CORS_EXPOSE_HEADERS
supports_credentials: _env:CORS_SUPPORTS_CREDENTIALS
max_age: _env:CORS_MAX_AGE
send_wildcard: _env:CORS_SEND_WILDCARD
always_send: _env:CORS_ALWAYS_SEND
automatic_options: _env:CORS_AUTOMATIC_OPTIONS
vary_header: _env:CORS_VARY_HEADER
resources: _env:CORS_RESOURCES
local: &local
<<: *common
storage: local
storage_path: _env:STORAGE_PATH:/tmp/registry
s3: &s3
<<: *common
storage: s3
s3_region: _env:AWS_REGION
s3_bucket: _env:AWS_BUCKET
boto_bucket: _env:AWS_BUCKET
storage_path: _env:STORAGE_PATH:/registry
s3_encrypt: _env:AWS_ENCRYPT:true
s3_secure: _env:AWS_SECURE:true
s3_access_key: _env:AWS_KEY
s3_secret_key: _env:AWS_SECRET
s3_use_sigv4: _env:AWS_USE_SIGV4
boto_host: _env:AWS_HOST
boto_port: _env:AWS_PORT
boto_calling_format: _env:AWS_CALLING_FORMAT
cloudfronts3: &cloudfronts3
<<: *s3
base: _env:CF_BASE_URL
keyid: _env:CF_KEYID
keysecret: _env:CF_KEYSECRET
azureblob: &azureblob
<<: *common
storage: azureblob
azure_storage_account_name: _env:AZURE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_NAME
azure_storage_account_key: _env:AZURE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_KEY
azure_storage_container: _env:AZURE_STORAGE_CONTAINER:registry
azure_use_https: _env:AZURE_USE_HTTPS:true
# Ceph Object Gateway Configuration
# See for details on installing this service.
ceph-s3: &ceph-s3
<<: *common
storage: s3
s3_region: ~
s3_bucket: _env:AWS_BUCKET
s3_encrypt: _env:AWS_ENCRYPT:false
s3_secure: _env:AWS_SECURE:false
storage_path: _env:STORAGE_PATH:/registry
s3_access_key: _env:AWS_KEY
s3_secret_key: _env:AWS_SECRET
boto_bucket: _env:AWS_BUCKET
boto_host: _env:AWS_HOST
boto_port: _env:AWS_PORT
boto_debug: _env:AWS_DEBUG:0
boto_calling_format: _env:AWS_CALLING_FORMAT
# Google Cloud Storage Configuration
# See:
# for details on access and secret keys.
<<: *common
storage: gcs
boto_bucket: _env:GCS_BUCKET
storage_path: _env:STORAGE_PATH:/registry
gs_secure: _env:GCS_SECURE:true
gs_access_key: _env:GCS_KEY
gs_secret_key: _env:GCS_SECRET
# OAuth 2.0 authentication with the storage.
# oauth2 can be set to true or false. If it is set to true, gs_access_key,
# gs_secret_key and gs_secure are not needed.
# Client ID and Client Secret must be set into OAUTH2_CLIENT_ID and
# OAUTH2_CLIENT_SECRET environment variables.
# See:
oauth2: _env:GCS_OAUTH2:false
# This flavor is for storing images in Openstack Swift
swift: &swift
<<: *common
storage: swift
storage_path: _env:STORAGE_PATH:/registry
# keystone authorization
swift_authurl: _env:OS_AUTH_URL
swift_container: _env:OS_CONTAINER
swift_user: _env:OS_USERNAME
swift_password: _env:OS_PASSWORD
swift_tenant_name: _env:OS_TENANT_NAME
swift_region_name: _env:OS_REGION_NAME
# This flavor stores the images in Glance (to integrate with openstack)
# See also:
glance: &glance
<<: *common
storage: glance
storage_alternate: _env:GLANCE_STORAGE_ALTERNATE:file
storage_path: _env:STORAGE_PATH:/tmp/registry
<<: *glance
# This flavor stores the images in Glance (to integrate with openstack)
# and tags in Swift.
glance-swift: &glance-swift
<<: *swift
storage: glance
storage_alternate: swift
<<: *glance-swift
<<: *common
storage: elliptics
elliptics_nodes: _env:ELLIPTICS_NODES
elliptics_wait_timeout: _env:ELLIPTICS_WAIT_TIMEOUT:60
elliptics_check_timeout: _env:ELLIPTICS_CHECK_TIMEOUT:60
elliptics_io_thread_num: _env:ELLIPTICS_IO_THREAD_NUM:2
elliptics_net_thread_num: _env:ELLIPTICS_NET_THREAD_NUM:2
elliptics_nonblocking_io_thread_num: _env:ELLIPTICS_NONBLOCKING_IO_THREAD_NUM:2
elliptics_groups: _env:ELLIPTICS_GROUPS
elliptics_verbosity: _env:ELLIPTICS_VERBOSITY:4
elliptics_logfile: _env:ELLIPTICS_LOGFILE:/dev/stderr
elliptics_addr_family: _env:ELLIPTICS_ADDR_FAMILY:2
# This flavor stores the images in Aliyun OSS
# See:
# for details on access and secret keys.
oss: &oss
<<: *common
storage: oss
storage_path: _env:STORAGE_PATH:/registry/
oss_host: _env:OSS_HOST
oss_bucket: _env:OSS_BUCKET
oss_accessid: _env:OSS_KEY
oss_accesskey: _env:OSS_SECRET
# This is the default configuration when no flavor is specified
dev: &dev
<<: *local
loglevel: _env:LOGLEVEL:debug
debug: _env:DEBUG:true
search_backend: _env:SEARCH_BACKEND:sqlalchemy
# This flavor is used by unit tests
<<: *dev
standalone: true
storage_path: _env:STORAGE_PATH:./tmp/test
# To specify another flavor, set the environment variable SETTINGS_FLAVOR
# $ export SETTINGS_FLAVOR=prod
<<: *s3
storage_path: _env:STORAGE_PATH:/prod
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