Docker packaging for Apache Flink
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Docker packaging for Apache Flink

Use to rebuild the Dockerfiles and all variants for a particular Flink release release. Before running this, you must first delete the existing release directory.

usage: ./ -r flink-release -f flink-version


$ rm -r 1.2
$ ./ -r 1.2 -f 1.2.1

Stackbrew Manifest is used to generate the library file required for official Docker Hub images.

When this repo is updated, the output of this script should be used to replaced the contents of library/flink in the Docker official-images repo via a PR.

Note: running this script requires the bashbrew binary and a compatible version of Bash. The Docker image plucas/docker-flink-build contains these dependencies and can be used to run this script.


docker run --rm \
    --volume /path/to/docker-flink:/build \
    plucas/docker-flink-build \
    /build/ \
> /path/to/official-images/library/flink


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0:

Apache Flink, Flink®, Apache®, the squirrel logo, and the Apache feather logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation.