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@vfarcic vfarcic released this Jul 6, 2018

  • Seamless and more stable reloads
  • TCP service groups
  • Adds discoveryType support for global services
  • Adds ssl syntax to BIND_PORTS
  • HTTPS support without HTTP
  • Healthchecks checks for initial configuration
  • Multiple listeners with comma seperated LISTENER_ADDRESS
  • Enables service filtering with com.df.proxyInstanceName and FILTER_PROXY_INSTANCE_NAME
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@vfarcic vfarcic released this Apr 15, 2018

Starting from this release, ARM images are supported as well.

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@vfarcic vfarcic released this Apr 10, 2018

Custom resolvers can be specified through the new environment variable RESOLVERS. Per-service resolving can be specified through the parameter checkResolvers. Please consult Environment Variables and General Query Parameters for more info.

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