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The Web API for MongoDB

This is a premade stack designed to reduce friction on adopt MongoDB with RESTHeart.

Releases and Release Notes

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Stack Services

  • MongoDB (without authentication)
  • RESTHeart

 |--docker-compose.yml (1)
       |--restheart.yml (2)
       |--security.yml (3)

1 - docker-compose.yml

Docker Compose file used do declare configurations about both services (restheart and mongodb).

2 - restheart.yml

Used to configure RESTHeart.

Take a look at line 69: mongo-uri: mongodb://mongodb defines a connectionstring to work with mongodb.

3 - security.yml

Used to configure authentication and authorization on RESTHeart, by default i've produced some rules, like:

  • Anonymus Uses can only read the publicdb database data (only if you create the database with name publicdb).
  • User admin user has password admin, they has admins role and can do everything.
  • User user user has password user, they has users role and can do everything only on publicdb.

Get Started

  • On any docker environment
  • There we go! ` Run
git clone
cd ./RESTheart
docker-compose up

Just it.

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Using API by Examples