Generate a Ubuntu Virtual Machine for Hyper-V with Docker and tools
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Packer VM Generator to create Docker environment on hyper-v

If you need a production ready docker experience, Docker for windows maybe hidden a lot of things to make docker expecience fluid.


Clone project

git clone
cd ./packer-docker-on-hyperv

Get required dependencies

curl -o ./ubuntu/ubuntu-17.10-server-amd64.iso

Build your own image


After build, a new folder ./output-hyperv-iso will be created with your VM. Add this VM to your hyper-v and enjoy!

Environment details and default values:

OS: Ubuntu Server 17.10 amd64 VM Name: ubuntu-template hostname: ubuntu-template Memory: 2048 Disk: 21440 SSH UserName: packer SSH Password: packer


  • curl
  • wget
  • htop
  • ctop
  • mc
  • nano
  • net-tools
  • docker-ce