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Maintainers: Oracle Linux Product Team <> (@Oracle)
GitCommit: 01a15ec99c7470a3391c691509db1759b41eaf66
GitFetch: refs/heads/master
amd64-GitFetch: refs/heads/dist-amd64
amd64-GitCommit: 1fa3a563afcc3d3d948ea6348922bac41f7cf89c
arm64v8-GitFetch: refs/heads/dist-arm64v8
arm64v8-GitCommit: e7130abcef740378447b5a49bfe0310f648cc9fc
Constraints: !aufs
Tags: 7.5, 7, latest
Architectures: amd64, arm64v8
Directory: 7.5
Tags: 7-slim
Architectures: amd64, arm64v8
Directory: 7-slim
Tags: 6.10, 6
Architectures: amd64
Directory: 6.10
Tags: 6-slim
Architectures: amd64
Directory: 6-slim