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1.25.3 (8/4/2019)

New Features

  • Build minified images from source using the new --from-dockerfile build flag (see for details).


  • Custom HTTP POST probes support request bodies

1.25.2 (7/21/2019)

New Features

  • Enhanced build command reports with additional container image metadata (using the global --report flag)
  • Ability to update the minified image Dockerfile instructions (using the --new-cmd, --new-entrypoint, --new-expose, --new-workdir, --new-env and --image-overrides flags)
  • Dockerfile volume support


  • HTTP probes by default (you will have to disable HTTP probes if you don't need them)
  • Various UX enhancements to provide better CLI feedback and to avoid generating minified images that might not work

Bug Fixes

  • TTY bug fix caused by an external dependency (used to track update download progress)

1.25.0 (4/23/2019)

New Features

  • Experimental ARM32 support
  • Easy way to keep a shell in your image (just pass --include-shell to the build command)
  • Easy way to include additional executables (--include-exe flag) and binary objects (--include-bin flag), which will also include their binary dependencies, so you don't have to explicitly include them all yourself
  • update command - now you can update docker-slim from docker-slim!
  • Current version checks to know if the installed release is out of date


  • Improvements to handle complex --entrypoint and --cmd parameters

Previous Releases

  • Better Mac OS X support - when you install docker-slim to /usr/local/bin or other special/non-shared directories docker-slim will detect it and use the /temp directory to save its artifacts and to mount its sensor
  • HTTP Probing enhancements and new flags to control the probing process
  • Better Nginx support
  • Support for non-default users
  • Improved symlink handling
  • Better failure monitoring and reporting
  • The --include-path-file option to make it easier to load extra files you want to keep in your image
  • CentOS support
  • Enhancements for ruby applications with extensions
  • Save the docker-slim command results in a JSON file using the --report flag
  • Better support for applications with dynamic libraries (e.g., python compiled with --enable-shared)
  • Additional network related Docker parameters
  • Extended version information
  • Alpine image support
  • Ability to override ENV variables analyzing target image
  • Docker 1.12 support
  • User selected location to store DockerSlim state (global --state-path parameter).
  • Auto-generated seccomp profiles for Docker 1.10.
  • Python 3 support
  • Docker connect options
  • HTTP probe commands
  • Include extra directories and files in minified images
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