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package types
import (
// UnsupportedProperties not yet supported by this implementation of the compose file
var UnsupportedProperties = []string{
// DeprecatedProperties that were removed from the v3 format, but their
// use should not impact the behaviour of the application.
var DeprecatedProperties = map[string]string{
"container_name": "Setting the container name is not supported.",
"expose": "Exposing ports is unnecessary - services on the same network can access each other's containers on any port.",
// ForbiddenProperties that are not supported in this implementation of the
// compose file.
var ForbiddenProperties = map[string]string{
"extends": "Support for `extends` is not implemented yet.",
"volume_driver": "Instead of setting the volume driver on the service, define a volume using the top-level `volumes` option and specify the driver there.",
"volumes_from": "To share a volume between services, define it using the top-level `volumes` option and reference it from each service that shares it using the service-level `volumes` option.",
"cpu_quota": "Set resource limits using deploy.resources",
"cpu_shares": "Set resource limits using deploy.resources",
"cpuset": "Set resource limits using deploy.resources",
"mem_limit": "Set resource limits using deploy.resources",
"memswap_limit": "Set resource limits using deploy.resources",
// ConfigFile is a filename and the contents of the file as a Dict
type ConfigFile struct {
Filename string
Config map[string]interface{}
// ConfigDetails are the details about a group of ConfigFiles
type ConfigDetails struct {
Version string
WorkingDir string
ConfigFiles []ConfigFile
Environment map[string]string
// Duration is a thin wrapper around time.Duration with improved JSON marshalling
type Duration time.Duration
func (d Duration) String() string {
return time.Duration(d).String()
// ConvertDurationPtr converts a typedefined Duration pointer to a time.Duration pointer with the same value.
func ConvertDurationPtr(d *Duration) *time.Duration {
if d == nil {
return nil
res := time.Duration(*d)
return &res
// MarshalJSON makes Duration implement json.Marshaler
func (d Duration) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error) {
return json.Marshal(d.String())
// MarshalYAML makes Duration implement yaml.Marshaler
func (d Duration) MarshalYAML() (interface{}, error) {
return d.String(), nil
// LookupEnv provides a lookup function for environment variables
func (cd ConfigDetails) LookupEnv(key string) (string, bool) {
v, ok := cd.Environment[key]
return v, ok
// Config is a full compose file configuration
type Config struct {
Filename string `yaml:"-" json:"-"`
Version string `json:"version"`
Services Services `json:"services"`
Networks map[string]NetworkConfig `yaml:",omitempty" json:"networks,omitempty"`
Volumes map[string]VolumeConfig `yaml:",omitempty" json:"volumes,omitempty"`
Secrets map[string]SecretConfig `yaml:",omitempty" json:"secrets,omitempty"`
Configs map[string]ConfigObjConfig `yaml:",omitempty" json:"configs,omitempty"`
Extras map[string]interface{} `yaml:",inline", json:"-"`
// MarshalJSON makes Config implement json.Marshaler
func (c Config) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error) {
m := map[string]interface{}{
"version": c.Version,
"services": c.Services,
if len(c.Networks) > 0 {
m["networks"] = c.Networks
if len(c.Volumes) > 0 {
m["volumes"] = c.Volumes
if len(c.Secrets) > 0 {
m["secrets"] = c.Secrets
if len(c.Configs) > 0 {
m["configs"] = c.Configs
for k, v := range c.Extras {
m[k] = v
return json.Marshal(m)
// Services is a list of ServiceConfig
type Services []ServiceConfig
// MarshalYAML makes Services implement yaml.Marshaller
func (s Services) MarshalYAML() (interface{}, error) {
services := map[string]ServiceConfig{}
for _, service := range s {
services[service.Name] = service
return services, nil
// MarshalJSON makes Services implement json.Marshaler
func (s Services) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error) {
data, err := s.MarshalYAML()
if err != nil {
return nil, err
return json.MarshalIndent(data, "", " ")
// ServiceConfig is the configuration of one service
type ServiceConfig struct {
Name string `yaml:"-" json:"-"`
Build BuildConfig `yaml:",omitempty" json:"build,omitempty"`
CapAdd []string `mapstructure:"cap_add" yaml:"cap_add,omitempty" json:"cap_add,omitempty"`
CapDrop []string `mapstructure:"cap_drop" yaml:"cap_drop,omitempty" json:"cap_drop,omitempty"`
CgroupParent string `mapstructure:"cgroup_parent" yaml:"cgroup_parent,omitempty" json:"cgroup_parent,omitempty"`
Command ShellCommand `yaml:",omitempty" json:"command,omitempty"`
Configs []ServiceConfigObjConfig `yaml:",omitempty" json:"configs,omitempty"`
ContainerName string `mapstructure:"container_name" yaml:"container_name,omitempty" json:"container_name,omitempty"`
CredentialSpec CredentialSpecConfig `mapstructure:"credential_spec" yaml:"credential_spec,omitempty" json:"credential_spec,omitempty"`
DependsOn []string `mapstructure:"depends_on" yaml:"depends_on,omitempty" json:"depends_on,omitempty"`
Deploy DeployConfig `yaml:",omitempty" json:"deploy,omitempty"`
Devices []string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"devices,omitempty"`
DNS StringList `yaml:",omitempty" json:"dns,omitempty"`
DNSSearch StringList `mapstructure:"dns_search" yaml:"dns_search,omitempty" json:"dns_search,omitempty"`
DomainName string `mapstructure:"domainname" yaml:"domainname,omitempty" json:"domainname,omitempty"`
Entrypoint ShellCommand `yaml:",omitempty" json:"entrypoint,omitempty"`
Environment MappingWithEquals `yaml:",omitempty" json:"environment,omitempty"`
EnvFile StringList `mapstructure:"env_file" yaml:"env_file,omitempty" json:"env_file,omitempty"`
Expose StringOrNumberList `yaml:",omitempty" json:"expose,omitempty"`
ExternalLinks []string `mapstructure:"external_links" yaml:"external_links,omitempty" json:"external_links,omitempty"`
ExtraHosts HostsList `mapstructure:"extra_hosts" yaml:"extra_hosts,omitempty" json:"extra_hosts,omitempty"`
Hostname string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"hostname,omitempty"`
HealthCheck *HealthCheckConfig `yaml:",omitempty" json:"healthcheck,omitempty"`
Image string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"image,omitempty"`
Init *bool `yaml:",omitempty" json:"init,omitempty"`
Ipc string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"ipc,omitempty"`
Isolation string `mapstructure:"isolation" yaml:"isolation,omitempty" json:"isolation,omitempty"`
Labels Labels `yaml:",omitempty" json:"labels,omitempty"`
Links []string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"links,omitempty"`
Logging *LoggingConfig `yaml:",omitempty" json:"logging,omitempty"`
MacAddress string `mapstructure:"mac_address" yaml:"mac_address,omitempty" json:"mac_address,omitempty"`
NetworkMode string `mapstructure:"network_mode" yaml:"network_mode,omitempty" json:"network_mode,omitempty"`
Networks map[string]*ServiceNetworkConfig `yaml:",omitempty" json:"networks,omitempty"`
Pid string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"pid,omitempty"`
Ports []ServicePortConfig `yaml:",omitempty" json:"ports,omitempty"`
Privileged bool `yaml:",omitempty" json:"privileged,omitempty"`
ReadOnly bool `mapstructure:"read_only" yaml:"read_only,omitempty" json:"read_only,omitempty"`
Restart string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"restart,omitempty"`
Secrets []ServiceSecretConfig `yaml:",omitempty" json:"secrets,omitempty"`
SecurityOpt []string `mapstructure:"security_opt" yaml:"security_opt,omitempty" json:"security_opt,omitempty"`
ShmSize string `mapstructure:"shm_size" yaml:"shm_size,omitempty" json:"shm_size,omitempty"`
StdinOpen bool `mapstructure:"stdin_open" yaml:"stdin_open,omitempty" json:"stdin_open,omitempty"`
StopGracePeriod *Duration `mapstructure:"stop_grace_period" yaml:"stop_grace_period,omitempty" json:"stop_grace_period,omitempty"`
StopSignal string `mapstructure:"stop_signal" yaml:"stop_signal,omitempty" json:"stop_signal,omitempty"`
Sysctls StringList `yaml:",omitempty" json:"sysctls,omitempty"`
Tmpfs StringList `yaml:",omitempty" json:"tmpfs,omitempty"`
Tty bool `mapstructure:"tty" yaml:"tty,omitempty" json:"tty,omitempty"`
Ulimits map[string]*UlimitsConfig `yaml:",omitempty" json:"ulimits,omitempty"`
User string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"user,omitempty"`
UserNSMode string `mapstructure:"userns_mode" yaml:"userns_mode,omitempty" json:"userns_mode,omitempty"`
Volumes []ServiceVolumeConfig `yaml:",omitempty" json:"volumes,omitempty"`
WorkingDir string `mapstructure:"working_dir" yaml:"working_dir,omitempty" json:"working_dir,omitempty"`
Extras map[string]interface{} `yaml:",inline" json:"-"`
// BuildConfig is a type for build
// using the same format at libcompose:
type BuildConfig struct {
Context string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"context,omitempty"`
Dockerfile string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"dockerfile,omitempty"`
Args MappingWithEquals `yaml:",omitempty" json:"args,omitempty"`
Labels Labels `yaml:",omitempty" json:"labels,omitempty"`
CacheFrom StringList `mapstructure:"cache_from" yaml:"cache_from,omitempty" json:"cache_from,omitempty"`
Network string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"network,omitempty"`
Target string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"target,omitempty"`
// ShellCommand is a string or list of string args
type ShellCommand []string
// StringList is a type for fields that can be a string or list of strings
type StringList []string
// StringOrNumberList is a type for fields that can be a list of strings or
// numbers
type StringOrNumberList []string
// MappingWithEquals is a mapping type that can be converted from a list of
// key[=value] strings.
// For the key with an empty value (`key=`), the mapped value is set to a pointer to `""`.
// For the key without value (`key`), the mapped value is set to nil.
type MappingWithEquals map[string]*string
// Labels is a mapping type for labels
type Labels map[string]string
// MappingWithColon is a mapping type that can be converted from a list of
// 'key: value' strings
type MappingWithColon map[string]string
// HostsList is a list of colon-separated host-ip mappings
type HostsList []string
// LoggingConfig the logging configuration for a service
type LoggingConfig struct {
Driver string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"driver,omitempty"`
Options map[string]string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"options,omitempty"`
// DeployConfig the deployment configuration for a service
type DeployConfig struct {
Mode string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"mode,omitempty"`
Replicas *uint64 `yaml:",omitempty" json:"replicas,omitempty"`
Labels Labels `yaml:",omitempty" json:"labels,omitempty"`
UpdateConfig *UpdateConfig `mapstructure:"update_config" yaml:"update_config,omitempty" json:"update_config,omitempty"`
RollbackConfig *UpdateConfig `mapstructure:"rollback_config" yaml:"rollback_config,omitempty" json:"rollback_config,omitempty"`
Resources Resources `yaml:",omitempty" json:"resources,omitempty"`
RestartPolicy *RestartPolicy `mapstructure:"restart_policy" yaml:"restart_policy,omitempty" json:"restart_policy,omitempty"`
Placement Placement `yaml:",omitempty" json:"placement,omitempty"`
EndpointMode string `mapstructure:"endpoint_mode" yaml:"endpoint_mode,omitempty" json:"endpoint_mode,omitempty"`
// HealthCheckConfig the healthcheck configuration for a service
type HealthCheckConfig struct {
Test HealthCheckTest `yaml:",omitempty" json:"test,omitempty"`
Timeout *Duration `yaml:",omitempty" json:"timeout,omitempty"`
Interval *Duration `yaml:",omitempty" json:"interval,omitempty"`
Retries *uint64 `yaml:",omitempty" json:"retries,omitempty"`
StartPeriod *Duration `mapstructure:"start_period" yaml:"start_period,omitempty" json:"start_period,omitempty"`
Disable bool `yaml:",omitempty" json:"disable,omitempty"`
// HealthCheckTest is the command run to test the health of a service
type HealthCheckTest []string
// UpdateConfig the service update configuration
type UpdateConfig struct {
Parallelism *uint64 `yaml:",omitempty" json:"parallelism,omitempty"`
Delay Duration `yaml:",omitempty" json:"delay,omitempty"`
FailureAction string `mapstructure:"failure_action" yaml:"failure_action,omitempty" json:"failure_action,omitempty"`
Monitor Duration `yaml:",omitempty" json:"monitor,omitempty"`
MaxFailureRatio float32 `mapstructure:"max_failure_ratio" yaml:"max_failure_ratio,omitempty" json:"max_failure_ratio,omitempty"`
Order string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"order,omitempty"`
// Resources the resource limits and reservations
type Resources struct {
Limits *Resource `yaml:",omitempty" json:"limits,omitempty"`
Reservations *Resource `yaml:",omitempty" json:"reservations,omitempty"`
// Resource is a resource to be limited or reserved
type Resource struct {
// TODO: types to convert from units and ratios
NanoCPUs string `mapstructure:"cpus" yaml:"cpus,omitempty" json:"cpus,omitempty"`
MemoryBytes UnitBytes `mapstructure:"memory" yaml:"memory,omitempty" json:"memory,omitempty"`
GenericResources []GenericResource `mapstructure:"generic_resources" yaml:"generic_resources,omitempty" json:"generic_resources,omitempty"`
// GenericResource represents a "user defined" resource which can
// only be an integer (e.g: SSD=3) for a service
type GenericResource struct {
DiscreteResourceSpec *DiscreteGenericResource `mapstructure:"discrete_resource_spec" yaml:"discrete_resource_spec,omitempty" json:"discrete_resource_spec,omitempty"`
// DiscreteGenericResource represents a "user defined" resource which is defined
// as an integer
// "Kind" is used to describe the Kind of a resource (e.g: "GPU", "FPGA", "SSD", ...)
// Value is used to count the resource (SSD=5, HDD=3, ...)
type DiscreteGenericResource struct {
Kind string `json:"kind"`
Value int64 `json:"value"`
// UnitBytes is the bytes type
type UnitBytes int64
// MarshalYAML makes UnitBytes implement yaml.Marshaller
func (u UnitBytes) MarshalYAML() (interface{}, error) {
return fmt.Sprintf("%d", u), nil
// MarshalJSON makes UnitBytes implement json.Marshaler
func (u UnitBytes) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error) {
return []byte(fmt.Sprintf(`"%d"`, u)), nil
// RestartPolicy the service restart policy
type RestartPolicy struct {
Condition string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"condition,omitempty"`
Delay *Duration `yaml:",omitempty" json:"delay,omitempty"`
MaxAttempts *uint64 `mapstructure:"max_attempts" yaml:"max_attempts,omitempty" json:"max_attempts,omitempty"`
Window *Duration `yaml:",omitempty" json:"window,omitempty"`
// Placement constraints for the service
type Placement struct {
Constraints []string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"constraints,omitempty"`
Preferences []PlacementPreferences `yaml:",omitempty" json:"preferences,omitempty"`
// PlacementPreferences is the preferences for a service placement
type PlacementPreferences struct {
Spread string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"spread,omitempty"`
// ServiceNetworkConfig is the network configuration for a service
type ServiceNetworkConfig struct {
Aliases []string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"aliases,omitempty"`
Ipv4Address string `mapstructure:"ipv4_address" yaml:"ipv4_address,omitempty" json:"ipv4_address,omitempty"`
Ipv6Address string `mapstructure:"ipv6_address" yaml:"ipv6_address,omitempty" json:"ipv6_address,omitempty"`
// ServicePortConfig is the port configuration for a service
type ServicePortConfig struct {
Mode string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"mode,omitempty"`
Target uint32 `yaml:",omitempty" json:"target,omitempty"`
Published uint32 `yaml:",omitempty" json:"published,omitempty"`
Protocol string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"protocol,omitempty"`
// ServiceVolumeConfig are references to a volume used by a service
type ServiceVolumeConfig struct {
Type string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"type,omitempty"`
Source string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"source,omitempty"`
Target string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"target,omitempty"`
ReadOnly bool `mapstructure:"read_only" yaml:"read_only,omitempty" json:"read_only,omitempty"`
Consistency string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"consistency,omitempty"`
Bind *ServiceVolumeBind `yaml:",omitempty" json:"bind,omitempty"`
Volume *ServiceVolumeVolume `yaml:",omitempty" json:"volume,omitempty"`
Tmpfs *ServiceVolumeTmpfs `yaml:",omitempty" json:"tmpfs,omitempty"`
// ServiceVolumeBind are options for a service volume of type bind
type ServiceVolumeBind struct {
Propagation string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"propagation,omitempty"`
// ServiceVolumeVolume are options for a service volume of type volume
type ServiceVolumeVolume struct {
NoCopy bool `mapstructure:"nocopy" yaml:"nocopy,omitempty" json:"nocopy,omitempty"`
// ServiceVolumeTmpfs are options for a service volume of type tmpfs
type ServiceVolumeTmpfs struct {
Size int64 `yaml:",omitempty" json:"size,omitempty"`
// FileReferenceConfig for a reference to a swarm file object
type FileReferenceConfig struct {
Source string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"source,omitempty"`
Target string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"target,omitempty"`
UID string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"uid,omitempty"`
GID string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"gid,omitempty"`
Mode *uint32 `yaml:",omitempty" json:"mode,omitempty"`
// ServiceConfigObjConfig is the config obj configuration for a service
type ServiceConfigObjConfig FileReferenceConfig
// ServiceSecretConfig is the secret configuration for a service
type ServiceSecretConfig FileReferenceConfig
// UlimitsConfig the ulimit configuration
type UlimitsConfig struct {
Single int `yaml:",omitempty" json:"single,omitempty"`
Soft int `yaml:",omitempty" json:"soft,omitempty"`
Hard int `yaml:",omitempty" json:"hard,omitempty"`
// MarshalYAML makes UlimitsConfig implement yaml.Marshaller
func (u *UlimitsConfig) MarshalYAML() (interface{}, error) {
if u.Single != 0 {
return u.Single, nil
return u, nil
// MarshalJSON makes UlimitsConfig implement json.Marshaller
func (u *UlimitsConfig) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error) {
if u.Single != 0 {
return json.Marshal(u.Single)
// Pass as a value to avoid re-entering this method and use the default implementation
return json.Marshal(*u)
// NetworkConfig for a network
type NetworkConfig struct {
Name string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"name,omitempty"`
Driver string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"driver,omitempty"`
DriverOpts map[string]string `mapstructure:"driver_opts" yaml:"driver_opts,omitempty" json:"driver_opts,omitempty"`
Ipam IPAMConfig `yaml:",omitempty" json:"ipam,omitempty"`
External External `yaml:",omitempty" json:"external,omitempty"`
Internal bool `yaml:",omitempty" json:"internal,omitempty"`
Attachable bool `yaml:",omitempty" json:"attachable,omitempty"`
Labels Labels `yaml:",omitempty" json:"labels,omitempty"`
Extras map[string]interface{} `yaml:",inline" json:"-"`
// IPAMConfig for a network
type IPAMConfig struct {
Driver string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"driver,omitempty"`
Config []*IPAMPool `yaml:",omitempty" json:"config,omitempty"`
// IPAMPool for a network
type IPAMPool struct {
Subnet string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"subnet,omitempty"`
// VolumeConfig for a volume
type VolumeConfig struct {
Name string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"name,omitempty"`
Driver string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"driver,omitempty"`
DriverOpts map[string]string `mapstructure:"driver_opts" yaml:"driver_opts,omitempty" json:"driver_opts,omitempty"`
External External `yaml:",omitempty" json:"external,omitempty"`
Labels Labels `yaml:",omitempty" json:"labels,omitempty"`
Extras map[string]interface{} `yaml:",inline" json:"-"`
// External identifies a Volume or Network as a reference to a resource that is
// not managed, and should already exist.
// is deprecated and replaced by
type External struct {
Name string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"name,omitempty"`
External bool `yaml:",omitempty" json:"external,omitempty"`
// MarshalYAML makes External implement yaml.Marshaller
func (e External) MarshalYAML() (interface{}, error) {
if e.Name == "" {
return e.External, nil
return External{Name: e.Name}, nil
// MarshalJSON makes External implement json.Marshaller
func (e External) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error) {
if e.Name == "" {
return []byte(fmt.Sprintf("%v", e.External)), nil
return []byte(fmt.Sprintf(`{"name": %q}`, e.Name)), nil
// CredentialSpecConfig for credential spec on Windows
type CredentialSpecConfig struct {
File string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"file,omitempty"`
Registry string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"registry,omitempty"`
// FileObjectConfig is a config type for a file used by a service
type FileObjectConfig struct {
Name string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"name,omitempty"`
File string `yaml:",omitempty" json:"file,omitempty"`
External External `yaml:",omitempty" json:"external,omitempty"`
Labels Labels `yaml:",omitempty" json:"labels,omitempty"`
Extras map[string]interface{} `yaml:",inline" json:"-"`
// SecretConfig for a secret
type SecretConfig FileObjectConfig
// ConfigObjConfig is the config for the swarm "Config" object
type ConfigObjConfig FileObjectConfig