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Change log
1.18.0 (2017-12-15)
### New features
#### Compose file version 3.5
- Introduced version 3.5 of the `docker-compose.yml` specification.
This version requires Docker Engine 17.06.0 or above
- Added support for the `shm_size` parameter in build configurations
- Added support for the `isolation` parameter in service definitions
- Added support for custom names for network, secret and config definitions
#### Compose file version 2.3
- Added support for `extra_hosts` in build configuration
- Added support for the [long syntax]( for volume entries, as previously introduced in the 3.2 format.
Note that using this syntax will create [mounts]( instead of volumes.
#### Compose file version 2.1 and up
- Added support for the `oom_kill_disable` parameter in service definitions
(2.x only)
- Added support for custom names for network definitions (2.x only)
#### All formats
- Values interpolated from the environment will now be converted to the
proper type when used in non-string fields.
- Added support for `--label` in `docker-compose run`
- Added support for `--timeout` in `docker-compose down`
- Added support for `--memory` in `docker-compose build`
- Setting `stop_grace_period` in service definitions now also sets the
container's `stop_timeout`
### Bugfixes
- Fixed an issue where Compose was still handling service hostname according
to legacy engine behavior, causing hostnames containing dots to be cut up
- Fixed a bug where the `X-Y:Z` syntax for ports was considered invalid
by Compose
- Fixed an issue with CLI logging causing duplicate messages and inelegant
output to occur
- Fixed an issue that caused `stop_grace_period` to be ignored when using
multiple Compose files
- Fixed a bug that caused `docker-compose images` to crash when using
untagged images
- Fixed a bug where the valid `${VAR:-}` syntax would cause Compose to
error out
- Fixed a bug where `env_file` entries using an UTF-8 BOM were being read
- Fixed a bug where missing secret files would generate an empty directory
in their place
- Fixed character encoding issues in the CLI's error handlers
- Added validation for the `test` field in healthchecks
- Added validation for the `subnet` field in IPAM configurations
- Added validation for `volumes` properties when using the long syntax in
service definitions
- The CLI now explicit prevents using `-d` and `--timeout` together
in `docker-compose up`
1.17.1 (2017-11-08)
### Bugfixes
- Fixed a bug that would prevent creating new containers when using
container labels in the list format as part of the service's definition.
1.17.0 (2017-11-02)
@@ -72,6 +72,7 @@
"context": {"type": "string"},
"dockerfile": {"type": "string"},
"args": {"$ref": "#/definitions/list_or_dict"},
"labels": {"$ref": "#/definitions/list_or_dict"},
"cache_from": {"$ref": "#/definitions/list_of_strings"}
"additionalProperties": false
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@
set -e

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