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@github-actions github-actions released this
· 14 commits to v2 since this release

ℹ️ Upgrade Notes

  • Updates on environment file syntax & interpolation: see #9879 🔖
  • Setting DOCKER_HOST via .env files is not supported in Compose v2

🐛 Fixes

  • Prevent "invalid template" errors on valid environment variable values (#9806, #9746, #9704, #9294)
  • Ensure new images from docker compose build are used (#9856)
  • Fix cross-architecture builds when DOCKER_DEFAULT_PLATFORM not set (#9866)
  • Fix intermittent conflict errors when using depends_on (#9014)
  • Clear service CMD when entrypoint is overridden (#9622)

🔧 Internal

  • Reduced permissions for GitHub Actions CI jobs
  • CI now runs on Windows & macOS including E2E tests via Docker Desktop
  • Upgrade to compose-go v1.6.0
  • Internal support for shell completion (not ready yet!)

What's Changed

  • Add merge GitHub Actions workflow to run tests on Windows and macOS runners by @laurazard in #9863
  • configure default builder export when no build.platforms defined by @glours in #9862
  • keep the platform defined, in priority, via DOCKER_DEFAULT_PLATFORM o… by @glours in #9866
  • Remove support for DOCKER_HOST in .env files by @milas in #9871
  • clean service command if entrypoint is overrided in run command by @glours in #9836
  • Add completion command and fix convert by @ulyssessouza in #9269
  • ci: upgrade to compose-go v1.6.0 by @milas in #9876
  • add more information when service.platform isn't part of by @bkielbasa in #9868
  • GitHub Workflows security hardening by @sashashura in #9874
  • deps: fix race condition during graph traversal by @milas in #9878

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v2.11.1...v2.11.2