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What’s new?

This Docker Registry release is the first to support the Image Manifest Version 2, Schema 2
manifest format.

This new schema version has two primary goals. The first is to move the Docker
engine towards content-addressable images, by supporting an image model where
the image's configuration can be hashed to generate an ID for the image. The
second is to allow multi-architecture images, through a "fat manifest" which
references image manifests for platform-specific versions of an image.

For details, see the Manifest Schema 2 specification

Cross Repository Blob Mount

Previously the registry required all blob data to be uploaded to a repository,
even if it existed in the Registry’s blob store. This was a security measure to
ensure the clients owned the data they intended to upload.

Cross Repository Mount now enables an existing blob to be mounted into the target
repository if it already exists in a repository which the user has pull access
to. This can reduce the amount of data transferred when pushing images.

For details, see: #634

Additionally there are a number of performance improvements, bug fixes and
documentation updates.


In certain cases, pull by digest will not work. For details, see the compatibility documentation