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What's new?

New S3 storage driver
The default s3 storage driver is now implemented on top of the official Amazon S3 SDK, boasting major performance and stability goodness. The previous storage is still available, but deprecated.

Garbage Collector
A garbage collector tool has been added to the registry. For more details see the garbage collector documentation.

Tagged Manifest Events
Manifest push and pull events will now include the tag which was used in the operation (if applicable).

Relative URLs
The registry can now be configured to return relative URLs in Location headers.

V1 Signature disabled
With the ongoing adoption of the schema 2 manifest format and deprecation of signatures, this option will improve pull performance by generating and returning a single libtrust signature.


The RADOS storage driver has been removed. The registry can still be used with Ceph as the storage backend using the swift driver in conjunction with the Swift API gateway.

The command line format has changed to support subcommands. To run a registry as before an additional subcommand - serve - is required.

The legacy S3 storage driver, based on adroll/goamz is now deprecated and will be removed in a future release.