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Docker Experimental Features

This page contains a list of features in the Docker engine which are experimental. Experimental features are not ready for production. They are provided for test and evaluation in your sandbox environments.

The information below describes each feature and the GitHub pull requests and issues associated with it. If necessary, links are provided to additional documentation on an issue. As an active Docker user and community member, please feel free to provide any feedback on these features you wish.

Use Docker experimental

Experimental features are now included in the standard Docker binaries as of version 1.13.0. To enable experimental features, start the Docker daemon with the --experimental flag or enable the daemon flag in the /etc/docker/daemon.json configuration file:

    "experimental": true

You can check to see if experimental features are enabled on a running daemon using the following command:

$ docker version -f '{{.Server.Experimental}}'

Current experimental features

Docker service logs command to view logs for a Docker service. This is needed in Swarm mode. Option to squash image layers to the base image after successful builds. Checkpoint and restore support for Containers. Metrics (Prometheus) output for basic container, image, and daemon operations.

How to comment on an experimental feature

Each feature's documentation includes a list of proposal pull requests or PRs associated with the feature. If you want to comment on or suggest a change to a feature, please add it to the existing feature PR.

Issues or problems with a feature? Inquire for help on the #docker IRC channel or on the Docker Google group.