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Add version annotation to various flags added in 1.13

Pull request moby/moby#27745 added support for the
client to talk to older versions of the daemon. Various flags were added to
docker 1.13 that are not compatible with older daemons.

This PR adds annotations to those flags, so that they are automatically hidden
if the daemon is older than docker 1.13 (API 1.25).

Not all new flags affect the API (some are client-side only). The following
PR's added new flags to docker 1.13 that affect the API;

- moby/moby#23430 added `--cpu-rt-period`and `--cpu-rt-runtime`
- moby/moby#27800 / moby/moby#25317 added `--group` / `--group-add` / `--group-rm`
- moby/moby#27702 added `--network` to `docker build`
- moby/moby#25962 added `--attachable` to `docker network create`
- moby/moby#27998 added `--compose-file` to `docker stack deploy`
- moby/moby#22566 added `--stop-timeout` to `docker run` and `docker create`
- moby/moby#26061 added `--init` to `docker run` and `docker create`
- moby/moby#26941 added `--init-path` to `docker run` and `docker create`
- moby/moby#27958 added `--cpus` on `docker run` / `docker create`
- moby/moby#27567 added `--dns`, `--dns-opt`, and `--dns-search` to `docker service create`
- moby/moby#27596 added `--force` to `docker service update`
- moby/moby#27857 added `--hostname` to `docker service create`
- moby/moby#28031 added `--hosts`, `--host-add` / `--host-rm` to `docker service create` and `docker service update`
- moby/moby#28076 added `--tty` on `docker service create` / `docker service update`
- moby/moby#26421 added `--update-max-failure-ratio`, `--update-monitor` and `--rollback` on `docker service update`
- moby/moby#27369 added `--health-cmd`, `--health-interval`, `--health-retries`, `--health-timeout` and `--no-healthcheck` options to `docker service create` and `docker service update`

Signed-off-by: Sebastiaan van Stijn <>
Upstream-commit: 5d2722f83db9e301c6dcbe1c562c2051a52905db
Component: cli
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thaJeztah committed Jan 16, 2017
1 parent 79ea6e4 commit 1daa5daff5d809d272f0006a34ee7ec3ad500fc8
@@ -236,9 +236,12 @@ func addFlags(flags *pflag.FlagSet) *containerOptions {
flags.Int64Var(&copts.cpuPeriod, "cpu-period", 0, "Limit CPU CFS (Completely Fair Scheduler) period")
flags.Int64Var(&copts.cpuQuota, "cpu-quota", 0, "Limit CPU CFS (Completely Fair Scheduler) quota")
flags.Int64Var(&copts.cpuRealtimePeriod, "cpu-rt-period", 0, "Limit CPU real-time period in microseconds")
flags.SetAnnotation("cpu-rt-period", "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.Int64Var(&copts.cpuRealtimeRuntime, "cpu-rt-runtime", 0, "Limit CPU real-time runtime in microseconds")
flags.SetAnnotation("cpu-rt-runtime", "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.Int64VarP(&copts.cpuShares, "cpu-shares", "c", 0, "CPU shares (relative weight)")
flags.Var(&copts.cpus, "cpus", "Number of CPUs")
flags.SetAnnotation("cpus", "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.Var(&copts.deviceReadBps, "device-read-bps", "Limit read rate (bytes per second) from a device")
flags.Var(&copts.deviceReadIOps, "device-read-iops", "Limit read rate (IO per second) from a device")
flags.Var(&copts.deviceWriteBps, "device-write-bps", "Limit write rate (bytes per second) to a device")
@@ -264,7 +267,9 @@ func addFlags(flags *pflag.FlagSet) *containerOptions {
flags.StringVar(&copts.runtime, "runtime", "", "Runtime to use for this container")

flags.BoolVar(&copts.init, "init", false, "Run an init inside the container that forwards signals and reaps processes")
flags.SetAnnotation("init", "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.StringVar(&copts.initPath, "init-path", "", "Path to the docker-init binary")
flags.SetAnnotation("init-path", "version", []string{"1.25"})
return copts

@@ -54,7 +54,9 @@ func NewUpdateCommand(dockerCli *command.DockerCli) *cobra.Command {
flags.Int64Var(&opts.cpuPeriod, "cpu-period", 0, "Limit CPU CFS (Completely Fair Scheduler) period")
flags.Int64Var(&opts.cpuQuota, "cpu-quota", 0, "Limit CPU CFS (Completely Fair Scheduler) quota")
flags.Int64Var(&opts.cpuRealtimePeriod, "cpu-rt-period", 0, "Limit the CPU real-time period in microseconds")
flags.SetAnnotation("cpu-rt-period", "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.Int64Var(&opts.cpuRealtimeRuntime, "cpu-rt-runtime", 0, "Limit the CPU real-time runtime in microseconds")
flags.SetAnnotation("cpu-rt-runtime", "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.StringVar(&opts.cpusetCpus, "cpuset-cpus", "", "CPUs in which to allow execution (0-3, 0,1)")
flags.StringVar(&opts.cpusetMems, "cpuset-mems", "", "MEMs in which to allow execution (0-3, 0,1)")
flags.Int64VarP(&opts.cpuShares, "cpu-shares", "c", 0, "CPU shares (relative weight)")
@@ -107,6 +107,7 @@ func NewBuildCommand(dockerCli *command.DockerCli) *cobra.Command {
flags.BoolVar(&options.compress, "compress", false, "Compress the build context using gzip")
flags.StringSliceVar(&options.securityOpt, "security-opt", []string{}, "Security options")
flags.StringVar(&options.networkMode, "network", "default", "Set the networking mode for the RUN instructions during build")
flags.SetAnnotation("network", "version", []string{"1.25"})

command.AddTrustedFlags(flags, true)

@@ -58,6 +58,7 @@ func newCreateCommand(dockerCli *command.DockerCli) *cobra.Command {
flags.BoolVar(&opts.internal, "internal", false, "Restrict external access to the network")
flags.BoolVar(&opts.ipv6, "ipv6", false, "Enable IPv6 networking")
flags.BoolVar(&opts.attachable, "attachable", false, "Enable manual container attachment")
flags.SetAnnotation("attachable", "version", []string{"1.25"})

flags.StringVar(&opts.ipamDriver, "ipam-driver", "default", "IP Address Management Driver")
flags.StringSliceVar(&opts.ipamSubnet, "subnet", []string{}, "Subnet in CIDR format that represents a network segment")
@@ -39,12 +39,18 @@ func newCreateCommand(dockerCli *command.DockerCli) *cobra.Command {
flags.Var(&opts.constraints, flagConstraint, "Placement constraints")
flags.Var(&opts.networks, flagNetwork, "Network attachments")
flags.Var(&opts.secrets, flagSecret, "Specify secrets to expose to the service")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagSecret, "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.VarP(&opts.endpoint.publishPorts, flagPublish, "p", "Publish a port as a node port")
flags.Var(&opts.groups, flagGroup, "Set one or more supplementary user groups for the container")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagGroup, "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.Var(&opts.dns, flagDNS, "Set custom DNS servers")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagDNS, "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.Var(&opts.dnsOption, flagDNSOption, "Set DNS options")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagDNSOption, "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.Var(&opts.dnsSearch, flagDNSSearch, "Set custom DNS search domains")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagDNSSearch, "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.Var(&opts.hosts, flagHost, "Set one or more custom host-to-IP mappings (host:ip)")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagHost, "version", []string{"1.25"})

return cmd
@@ -445,6 +445,7 @@ func addServiceFlags(cmd *cobra.Command, opts *serviceOptions) {
flags.StringVarP(&opts.workdir, flagWorkdir, "w", "", "Working directory inside the container")
flags.StringVarP(&opts.user, flagUser, "u", "", "Username or UID (format: <name|uid>[:<group|gid>])")
flags.StringVar(&opts.hostname, flagHostname, "", "Container hostname")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagHostname, "version", []string{"1.25"})

flags.Var(&opts.resources.limitCPU, flagLimitCPU, "Limit CPUs")
flags.Var(&opts.resources.limitMemBytes, flagLimitMemory, "Limit Memory")
@@ -462,8 +463,10 @@ func addServiceFlags(cmd *cobra.Command, opts *serviceOptions) {
flags.Uint64Var(&opts.update.parallelism, flagUpdateParallelism, 1, "Maximum number of tasks updated simultaneously (0 to update all at once)")
flags.DurationVar(&opts.update.delay, flagUpdateDelay, time.Duration(0), "Delay between updates (ns|us|ms|s|m|h) (default 0s)")
flags.DurationVar(&opts.update.monitor, flagUpdateMonitor, time.Duration(0), "Duration after each task update to monitor for failure (ns|us|ms|s|m|h) (default 0s)")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagUpdateMonitor, "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.StringVar(&opts.update.onFailure, flagUpdateFailureAction, "pause", "Action on update failure (pause|continue)")
flags.Var(&opts.update.maxFailureRatio, flagUpdateMaxFailureRatio, "Failure rate to tolerate during an update")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagUpdateMaxFailureRatio, "version", []string{"1.25"})

flags.StringVar(&opts.endpoint.mode, flagEndpointMode, "", "Endpoint mode (vip or dnsrr)")

@@ -473,12 +476,18 @@ func addServiceFlags(cmd *cobra.Command, opts *serviceOptions) {
flags.Var(&opts.logDriver.opts, flagLogOpt, "Logging driver options")

flags.StringVar(&opts.healthcheck.cmd, flagHealthCmd, "", "Command to run to check health")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagHealthCmd, "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.Var(&opts.healthcheck.interval, flagHealthInterval, "Time between running the check (ns|us|ms|s|m|h)")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagHealthInterval, "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.Var(&opts.healthcheck.timeout, flagHealthTimeout, "Maximum time to allow one check to run (ns|us|ms|s|m|h)")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagHealthTimeout, "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.IntVar(&opts.healthcheck.retries, flagHealthRetries, 0, "Consecutive failures needed to report unhealthy")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagHealthRetries, "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.BoolVar(&opts.healthcheck.noHealthcheck, flagNoHealthcheck, false, "Disable any container-specified HEALTHCHECK")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagNoHealthcheck, "version", []string{"1.25"})

flags.BoolVarP(&opts.tty, flagTTY, "t", false, "Allocate a pseudo-TTY")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagTTY, "version", []string{"1.25"})

const (
@@ -38,34 +38,48 @@ func newUpdateCommand(dockerCli *command.DockerCli) *cobra.Command {
flags.String("image", "", "Service image tag")
flags.String("args", "", "Service command args")
flags.Bool("rollback", false, "Rollback to previous specification")
flags.SetAnnotation("rollback", "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.Bool("force", false, "Force update even if no changes require it")
flags.SetAnnotation("force", "version", []string{"1.25"})
addServiceFlags(cmd, serviceOpts)

flags.Var(newListOptsVar(), flagEnvRemove, "Remove an environment variable")
flags.Var(newListOptsVar(), flagGroupRemove, "Remove a previously added supplementary user group from the container")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagGroupRemove, "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.Var(newListOptsVar(), flagLabelRemove, "Remove a label by its key")
flags.Var(newListOptsVar(), flagContainerLabelRemove, "Remove a container label by its key")
flags.Var(newListOptsVar(), flagMountRemove, "Remove a mount by its target path")
// flags.Var(newListOptsVar().WithValidator(validatePublishRemove), flagPublishRemove, "Remove a published port by its target port")
flags.Var(&opts.PortOpt{}, flagPublishRemove, "Remove a published port by its target port")
flags.Var(newListOptsVar(), flagConstraintRemove, "Remove a constraint")
flags.Var(newListOptsVar(), flagDNSRemove, "Remove a custom DNS server")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagDNSRemove, "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.Var(newListOptsVar(), flagDNSOptionRemove, "Remove a DNS option")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagDNSOptionRemove, "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.Var(newListOptsVar(), flagDNSSearchRemove, "Remove a DNS search domain")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagDNSSearchRemove, "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.Var(newListOptsVar(), flagHostRemove, "Remove a custom host-to-IP mapping (host:ip)")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagHostRemove, "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.Var(&serviceOpts.labels, flagLabelAdd, "Add or update a service label")
flags.Var(&serviceOpts.containerLabels, flagContainerLabelAdd, "Add or update a container label")
flags.Var(&serviceOpts.env, flagEnvAdd, "Add or update an environment variable")
flags.Var(newListOptsVar(), flagSecretRemove, "Remove a secret")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagSecretRemove, "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.Var(&serviceOpts.secrets, flagSecretAdd, "Add or update a secret on a service")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagSecretAdd, "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.Var(&serviceOpts.mounts, flagMountAdd, "Add or update a mount on a service")
flags.Var(&serviceOpts.constraints, flagConstraintAdd, "Add or update a placement constraint")
flags.Var(&serviceOpts.endpoint.publishPorts, flagPublishAdd, "Add or update a published port")
flags.Var(&serviceOpts.groups, flagGroupAdd, "Add an additional supplementary user group to the container")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagGroupAdd, "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.Var(&serviceOpts.dns, flagDNSAdd, "Add or update a custom DNS server")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagDNSAdd, "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.Var(&serviceOpts.dnsOption, flagDNSOptionAdd, "Add or update a DNS option")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagDNSOptionAdd, "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.Var(&serviceOpts.dnsSearch, flagDNSSearchAdd, "Add or update a custom DNS search domain")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagDNSSearchAdd, "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.Var(&serviceOpts.hosts, flagHostAdd, "Add or update a custom host-to-IP mapping (host:ip)")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagHostAdd, "version", []string{"1.25"})

return cmd
@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ import (

func addComposefileFlag(opt *string, flags *pflag.FlagSet) {
flags.StringVarP(opt, "compose-file", "c", "", "Path to a Compose file")
flags.SetAnnotation("compose-file", "version", []string{"1.25"})

func addBundlefileFlag(opt *string, flags *pflag.FlagSet) {
@@ -176,7 +176,9 @@ func addSwarmFlags(flags *pflag.FlagSet, opts *swarmOptions) {
flags.DurationVar(&opts.nodeCertExpiry, flagCertExpiry, time.Duration(90*24*time.Hour), "Validity period for node certificates (ns|us|ms|s|m|h)")
flags.Var(&opts.externalCA, flagExternalCA, "Specifications of one or more certificate signing endpoints")
flags.Uint64Var(&opts.maxSnapshots, flagMaxSnapshots, 0, "Number of additional Raft snapshots to retain")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagMaxSnapshots, "version", []string{"1.25"})
flags.Uint64Var(&opts.snapshotInterval, flagSnapshotInterval, 10000, "Number of log entries between Raft snapshots")
flags.SetAnnotation(flagSnapshotInterval, "version", []string{"1.25"})

func (opts *swarmOptions) mergeSwarmSpec(spec *swarm.Spec, flags *pflag.FlagSet) {

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