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Items starting with DEPRECATE are important deprecation notices. For more
information on the list of deprecated flags and APIs please have a look at where target removal dates can also
be found.

17.09.0-ce (2017-09-26)


  • Fix cloning unneeded files while building from git repositories moby/moby#33704


  • Allow extension fields in the v3.4 version of the compose format docker/cli#452
  • Make compose file allow to specify names for non-external volume docker/cli#306
  • Support --compose-file - as stdin docker/cli#347
  • Support start_period for healthcheck in Docker Compose docker/cli#475
  • Show images digests when {{.Digest}} is in format docker/cli#439
  • Print output of docker stack rm on stdout instead of stderr docker/cli#491
  • Fix docker history --format '{{json .}}' printing human-readable timestamps instead of ISO8601 when --human=true docker/cli#438
  • Fix idempotence of docker stack deploy when secrets or configs are used docker/cli#509
  • Fix presentation of random host ports docker/cli#404
  • Fix redundant service restarts when service created with multiple secrets moby/moby#34746


  • Fix Splunk logger not transmitting log data when tag is empty and raw-mode is used moby/moby#34520



  • Fix "permission denied" errors when accessing volume with SELinux enforcing mode moby/moby#34684
  • Fix layers size reported as 0 in docker system df moby/moby#34826
  • Fix some "device or resource busy" errors when removing containers on RHEL 7.4 based kernels moby/moby#34886

Swarm mode

  • Include whether the managers in the swarm are autolocked as part of docker info docker/cli#471
  • Fix managers failing to join if the gRPC snapshot is larger than 4MB docker/swarmkit#2375
  • Fix "permission denied" errors for configuration file in SELinux-enabled containers moby/moby#34732
  • Fix services failing to deploy on ARM nodes moby/moby#34021