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@seemethere seemethere released this Nov 20, 2017


Items starting with DEPRECATE are important deprecation notices. For more
information on the list of deprecated flags and APIs please have a look at where target removal dates can also
be found.

17.11.0-ce (2017-11-20)

IMPORTANT: Docker CE 17.11 is the first Docker release based on
containerd 1.0 beta.
Docker CE 17.11 and later won't recognize containers started with
previous Docker versions. If using
Live Restore,
you must stop all containers before upgrading to Docker CE 17.11.
If you don't, any containers started by Docker versions that predate
17.11 won't be recognized by Docker after the upgrade and will keep
running, un-managed, on the system.



  • Add output for "secrets" and "configs" on docker stack deploy docker/cli#593


  • Update bash completion and deprecation for synchronous service updates docker/cli#610




  • Fix panic on get container pid when live restore containers moby/moby#35157
  • Mask /proc/scsi path for containers to prevent removal of devices (CVE-2017-16539) moby/moby#35399
  • Update to (CVE-2017-14992) moby/moby#35424

Swarm Mode

  • Modifying integration test due to new ipam options in swarmkit moby/moby#35103
  • Expand the scope of the Err field in TaskStatus to also cover non-terminal errors that block the task from progressing docker/swarmkit#2287


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