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Items starting with DEPRECATE are important deprecation notices. For more
information on the list of deprecated flags and APIs please have a look at
https://docs.docker.com/engine/deprecated/ where target removal dates can also
be found.

18.01.0-ce (2018-01-10)


  • Fix files not being deleted if user-namespaces are enabled moby/moby#35822
  • Add support for expanding environment-variables in docker commit --change ... moby/moby#35582


  • Add a debug message when client closes websocket attach connection moby/moby#35720



  • Don't append the container id to custom directory checkpoints. moby/moby#35694


  • Fix daemon crash when using the GELF log driver over TCP when the GELF server goes down moby/moby#35765



  • Validate Mount-specs on container start to prevent missing host-path moby/moby#35833
  • Fix health checks not using the container's working directory moby/moby#35845
  • Fix VFS graph driver failure to initialize because of failure to setup fs quota moby/moby#35827
  • Fix containerd events being processed twice moby/moby#35896

Swarm Mode

  • Fix published ports not being updated if a service has the same number of host-mode published ports with Published Port 0 docker/swarmkit#2376