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For more information on the list of deprecated flags and APIs, have a look at
https://docs.docker.com/engine/deprecated/ where you can find target removal dates.

18.02.0-ce (2018-02-07)



  • Fix issue of filter in docker ps where health=starting returns nothing moby/moby#35940
  • Annotate "stack" commands to be "swarm" and "kubernetes" docker/cli#804


  • LCOW: Coalesce daemon stores, allow dual LCOW and WCOW mode moby/moby#34859
  • LCOW: Raise minimum requirement to Windows RS3 RTM build (16299) moby/moby#36065


  • Fixed error detection using IsErrNotFound and IsErrNotImplemented for the ContainerLogs method moby/moby#36000


  • Disable service on release network results in zero-downtime deployments with rolling upgrades moby/moby#35960



  • Fixes unexpected Docker Daemon shutdown based on pipe error moby/moby#35968
  • Fix some occurrences of hcsshim::ImportLayer failed in Win32: The system cannot find the path specified moby/moby#35924
  • Windows: increase the maximum layer size during build to 127GB moby/moby#35925
  • Fix Devicemapper: Error running DeleteDevice dm_task_run failed moby/moby#35919
  • Fix docker update not updating cpu quota, and cpu-period of a running container moby/moby#36030
  • Make image (layer) downloads faster by using pigz moby/moby#35697
  • Protect the daemon from volume plugins that are slow or deadlocked moby/moby#35441
  • Fix DOCKER_RAMDISK environment variable not being honoured moby/moby#35957
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