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@GordonTheTurtle GordonTheTurtle released this Mar 22, 2018 · 170 commits to 18.03 since this release


For more information on the list of deprecated flags and APIs please have a look at where you can find the target removal dates

18.03.0-ce (2018-03-21)


  • Fixes files leaking to other images in a multi-stage build moby/moby#36338


  • docker build now runs faster when registry-specific credential helper(s) are configured docker/cli#840
  • Update event filter zsh completion with disable, enable, install and remove docker/cli#372
  • Produce errors when empty ids are passed into inspect calls moby/moby#36144
  • Marshall version for the k8s controller docker/cli#891
  • Set a non-zero timeout for HTTP client communication with plugin backend docker/cli#883



  • Verify NetworkingConfig to make sure EndpointSettings is not nil moby/moby#36077


  • Fix issue of ExitCode and PID not show up in Task.Status.ContainerStatus moby/moby#36150
  • Fix issue with plugin scanner going too deep moby/moby#36119
  • Fixed error detection using IsErrNotFound and IsErrNotImplemented for ContainerStatPath, CopyFromContainer, and CopyToContainer methods moby/moby#35979
  • Fix systemd slice expansion so that it could be consumed by cAdvisor moby/moby#36449
  • Fix devices mounted with wrong uid/gid moby/moby#36449
  • Fix read-only containers with IPC private mounts /dev/shm read-only moby/moby#36526

Swarm Mode

  • Fix issue where network inspect does not show Created time for networks in swarm scope moby/moby#36095
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