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@GordonTheTurtle GordonTheTurtle released this Feb 20, 2019 · 3 commits to 18.06 since this release


For more information on the list of deprecated flags and APIs, have a look at where you can find the target removal dates

18.06.3-ce (2019-02-19)

  • Change the way runc critical vulnerability patch is applied so the fix is included in RPM packages. docker/engine#156

18.06.2-ce (2019-02-11)


  • Update runc to address a critical vulnerability that allows specially-crafted containers to gain administrative privileges on the host. (CVE-2019-5736)

18.06.1-ce (2018-08-21)


  • Set BuildKit's ExportedProduct variable to show useful errors. docker/engine#21


  • Fix DOCKER_CONFIG warning message and fallback search. docker/cli#1241
  • Fix help message flags on docker stack commands and sub-commands. docker/cli#1267


  • Windows: Select polling-based watcher for Windows log watcher. docker/engine#34

Swarm Mode

18.06.0-ce (2018-07-18)

Important notes about this release

  • Docker 18.06 CE will be the last release with a 4-month maintenance lifecycle. The planned Docker 18.09 CE release will be supported for 7 months with Docker 19.03 CE being the next release in line. More details about the release process can be found here.


  • New experimental builder backend based on BuildKit. To enable, run daemon in experimental mode and set DOCKER_BUILDKIT=1 environment variable on the docker CLI. moby/moby#37151 docker/cli#1111
  • Fix handling uppercase targets names in multi-stage builds. moby/moby#36960


  • Fix always listing nodes in docker stack ps command on Kubernetes. docker/cli#1093
  • Fix output being shown twice on stack rm error message. docker/cli#1093
  • Extend client API with custom HTTP requests. moby/moby#37071
  • Changed error message for unreadable files to clarify possibility of a .Dockerignore entry. docker/cli#1053
  • Restrict kubernetes.allNamespaces value to 'enabled' or 'disabled' in configuration file. docker/cli#1087
  • Check errors when initializing the docker client in the help command. docker/cli#1119
  • Better namespace experience with Kubernetes. Fix using namespace defined in ~/.kube/config for stack commands. Add a NAMESPACE column for docker stack ls command. Add a --all-namespaces flag for docker stack ls command. docker/cli#991
  • Export Push and Save. docker/cli#1123
  • Export pull as a public function. docker/cli#1026
  • Remove Kubernetes commands from experimental. docker/cli#1068
  • Adding configs/secrets to service inspect pretty. docker/cli#1006
  • Manifest list: request specific permissions. docker/cli#1024
  • Setting --orchestrator=all also sets --all-namespaces unless specific --namespace are set. docker/cli#1059
  • Fix panics when --compress and --stream are used together. docker/cli#1105
  • Add --init option to docker service create. docker/cli#479
  • Fixed bug displaying garbage output for build command when --stream and --quiet flags combined. docker/cli#1090
  • Add init support in 3.7 schema. docker/cli#1129
  • Allow x-* extension on 3rd level objects. docker/cli#1097
  • An invalid orchestrator now generates an error instead of being silently ignored. docker/cli#1055
  • Added ORCHESTRATOR column to docker stack ls command. docker/cli#973
  • Warn when using host-ip for published ports for services. docker/cli#1017
  • Added the option to enable experimental cli features through the DOCKER_CLI_EXPERIMENTAL environment variable. docker/cli#1138
  • Add exec_die to the list of known container events. docker/cli#1028
  • [K8s] Do env-variable expansion on the uninterpreted Config files. docker/cli#974
  • Print warnings on stderr for each unsupported features while parsing a compose file for deployment on Kubernetes. docker/cli#903
  • Added description about pids count. docker/cli#1045
  • Update Attach, Build, Commit, Cp, Create subcommand fish completions. docker/cli#1005



  • Allow awslogs to use non-blocking mode. moby/moby#36522
  • Improve logging of long log lines on fluentd log driver.. moby/moby#36159
  • Re-order to pass make validate test. moby/moby#37047
  • Update Events, Exec, Export, History, Images, Import, Inspect, Load, and Login subcommand fish completions. docker/cli#1061
  • Update documentation for RingLogger's ring buffer. moby/moby#37084



  • Aufs: log why aufs is not supported. moby/moby#36995
  • Hide experimental checkpoint features on Windows. docker/cli#1094
  • Lcow: Allow the client to customize capabilities and device cgroup rules for LCOW containers. moby/moby#37294
  • Changed path given for executable output in windows to actual location of executable output. moby/moby#37295
  • Add windows recycle bin test and update hcsshim to v0.6.11. moby/moby#36994
  • Construct and add 'LABEL' command from 'label' option to last stage. moby/moby#37011
  • Overlay: Fix overlay storage-driver silently ignoring unknown storage-driver options. moby/moby#37040
  • When link id is empty for overlay2, do not remove this link.. moby/moby#36161

Swarm Mode

  • List stacks for both Swarm and Kubernetes with --orchestrator=all in docker stack ls. Allow several occurrences of --namespace for Kubernetes with docker stack ls. docker/cli#1031
  • Bump SwarmKit to remove deprecated grpc metadata wrappers. moby/moby#36905
  • Issue an error for --orchestrator=all when working on mismatched Swarm and Kubernetes hosts. docker/cli#1035
  • Fix broken swarm commands with Kubernetes defined as orchestrator. "--orchestrator" flag is no longer global but local to stack commands and subcommands docker/cli#1137 docker/cli#1139
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