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@GordonTheTurtle GordonTheTurtle released this Jul 22, 2019 · 653 commits to 19.03 since this release


For official release notes for Docker Engine CE and Docker Engine EE, visit the
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19.03.0 (2019-07-22)


  • Deprecate image manifest v2 schema1 in favor of v2 schema2. Future version of Docker will remove support for v2 schema1 altogether. moby/moby#39365
  • Remove v1.10 migrator. moby/moby#38265
  • Skip deprecated storage-drivers in auto-selection. moby/moby#38019
  • Deprecate aufs storage driver and add warning. moby/moby#38090


  • Bump to v1.20.1. docker/cli#1884
  • Cli change to pass driver specific options to docker run. docker/cli#1767
  • Bump Golang 1.12.5. docker/cli#1875
  • The docker system info output now segregates information relevant to the client and daemon. docker/cli#1638
  • (Experimental) When targetting Kubernetes, add support for x-pull-secret: some-pull-secret in compose-files service configs. docker/cli#1617
  • (Experimental) When targetting Kubernetes, add support for x-pull-policy: <Never|Always|IfNotPresent> in compose-files service configs. docker/cli#1617
  • cp, save, export: Prevent overwriting irregular files. docker/cli#1515
  • Allow npipe volume type on stack file. docker/cli#1195


  • Add undocumented /grpc endpoint and register BuildKit's controller. moby/moby#38990


  • builder-next: allow setting buildkit outputs. docker/cli#1766
  • builder-next: look for a Dockerfile specific dockerignore file (eg. Dockerfile.dockerignore) for ignored paths. docker/engine#215
  • builder-next: automatically detect if process execution is possible for x86, arm and arm64 binaries. docker/engine#215
  • builder-next: added inline cache support --cache-from. docker/engine#215
  • builder-next: allow outputs configuration. moby/moby#38898





  • Fix to make sure load balancer sandbox is deleted when a service is updated with --network-rm. docker/engine#213



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