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Machine plugins
Machine plugins
Docker, documentation, manual, guide, reference, api

Available driver plugins

This document is intended to act as a reference for the available 3rd-party driver plugins available in the ecosystem beyond the core Machine drivers. If you have created a Docker Machine driver, we highly encourage you to submit a pull request adding the relevant information to the list. Submitting your driver here allows others to discover it and the core Machine team to keep you informed of upstream changes.

NOTE: The linked repositories are not maintained by or formally associated with Docker Inc. Use 3rd party plugins at your own risk.

Name Repository Maintainer GitHub Handle Maintainer Email
1&1 Cloud Server StackPointCloud, Inc.
Aliyun ECS denverdino
Amazon Cloud Formation Jeff Ellin
Aruba Cloud Nicola Eusebi Aruba Cloud
BrightBox NeilW
CenturyLink Cloud ack
Citrix XenServer robertbreker
CloudSigma CloudSigma
Docker-In-Docker nathanleclaire
GleSYS Internet Services GleSYS
GoDaddy Cloud Servers aka-bo
Hetzner Cloud JonasProgrammer
HPE OneView wenlock
Kamatera OriHoch
KVM dhiltgen
Linode Linode
NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud Hayahito Kawamitsu
OpenNebula jmelis
OVH Cloud yadutaf
Packet crunchywelch
ProfitBricks StackPointCloud, Inc.
Parallels Desktop for Mac legal90
RackHD kacole2
SAKURA CLOUD yamamoto-febc
Scaleway scaleway
Skytap dantjones
Ubiquity Hosting Justin Canington
Andrew Ayers
UCloud xiaohui
VMWare Workstation pecigonzalo
VULTR janeczku
xhyve zchee
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