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ubuntu:12.04/ubuntu:latest doesn't work on Rackspace. #1984

dsissitka opened this Issue · 11 comments

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It works if you install the libc6 update from precise-updates:



Yeah, this is not related to Docker¹, but an incompatibility between your libc, your CPU, and Xen.

It is fully explained here:

¹ To be honest, it's related to Docker anyway, because we should upgrade the Ubuntu images so they have the patched libc :-)


I have also run into this same bug. It also prevents anyone from being able to run Openstack Devstack with Docker on the Rackspace cloud. Any way we can get this updated?


I'll synchronize with @samalba to fix this.
Thanks for your patience, guys!


+1 for up to date images that include codename-updates (and maybe codename-security?).

And while we're updating images ubuntu:13.04 seems long overdue. Ubuntu 13.10 will be released shortly. :)


Rebuilding the base images is also being discussed on #824, fyi.


I'm pushing updated Ubuntu 12.04 images without this problem to the racker/precise-with-updates public repository, so just docker pull racker/precise-with-updates.

more details:


@pquerna thanks for the images, and the HOWTO.


Any update on this?


@benvolioT New images will be released to fix this issue and others.


The ubuntu images have been updated and the new images should work on Rackspace.

@unclejack unclejack closed this
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