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Hello guys,

I'm having issues while running docker in AWS VPC.

Here is my setup:
I've got two machines running in VPC:


both having an elastic IPs assigned to them, both running in the same internet enabled subnet.

Let's say I'm running a web server that serves static files in a container on the machine the container:

  • IP:
  • port 8111 is forwarded on the 8111 port on the machine.

I'm trying to access the static files from my local machine (or another non-VPC machine also tried an EC2 instance not running in the VPC) and it work flawlessly.

If I try to access the files from the other machine ( it hangs. I'm using wget to pull the files.

Tried to debug it with tcpdump and ngrep and that I have seen is that the request reaches the container. If I ngrep on the host machine I see the requests going in but no response going back. If I ngrep on the container I see the requests going in and the response going back.

I've tried multiple iptables setups (with postrouting enabled, with manually forwarding ports etc) but no success.

Help in any way - even debugging directions would be much appreciated.



Have you by any chance tried running a "native"/non-containerized web server on serving out the static files on 8111? Doing so might let you eliminate any sort of firewall/security group port blocking issues between 150 and 151.


This is a better discussion for the mailing lists because it's too specific for a particular type of setup.
The docker-user Google Group would be the right place to discuss this, maybe others have had a similar problem.

I'm going to close this since it doesn't seem to be a Docker bug. Please feel free to comment and to continue the discussion.

@unclejack unclejack closed this Feb 26, 2014
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