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Let users specify custom network bridge for individual containers #6155

vishh opened this Issue · 13 comments

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It would be great if docker supports network connectivity between groups of containers. Container in a group can communicate with each other but cannot talk to other containers in other container groups.

Upon discussing this issue with @crosbymichael, letting users specify the bridge to use as part of docker run will help solve this issue - "docker run --net bridge:docker0; docker run --net bridge:mystack1"

Any thoughts?


I will be working on implementing this feature!


great to see progress! Would this also allow splitting the group up on to several hosts?


@niclashoyer You might be interested in #6101 :)

@bgrant0607 bgrant0607 referenced this issue in GoogleCloudPlatform/kubernetes

Decide whether/how to extend the networking model #188


@vishh any news on this? I experimented with your branch for quite a while now, and it is working great. How are the chances to get this into master?


@vishh thank you for the update. Is there any in-progress information on LinksV2? My use case would be the groups of containers, which I evaluated by using this patch (and boilerplate code).


Hi guys. I don't mean to intrude, but is there any update on the status of this feature? I would love to be able to use one separate bridge per container. I really need more advanced networking, so hopefully you can let me know; thanks.

@jfrazelle jfrazelle added the feature label

I have a situation where I'd like to give some of the containers direct access to the network and public IPs - thus bridge them with my host's network while other containers would use the docker0 bridge. This is what I used to do with LXC containers and a similar option in docker would seem to be able to solve this issue for me - unless there's a simpler way of achieving what I want?


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