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'appsession' is not supported anymore ... #105

damshenas opened this issue Sep 6, 2016 · 3 comments

'appsession' is not supported anymore ... #105

damshenas opened this issue Sep 6, 2016 · 3 comments


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@damshenas damshenas commented Sep 6, 2016

According to

Settings in linked application services

Environment Variable Description
APPSESSION sticky session option, possible value JSESSIONID len 52 timeout 3h. See:> HAProxy:appsession

I should be able to use APPSESSION but when I use it I get the following logs. Although the container keep running, the haproxy is not functional ...

[test-haproxy-1]2016-09-06T03:10:02.710274429Z INFO:haproxy:dockercloud/haproxy 1.5.3 has access to the Docker Cloud API - will reload list of backends in real-time
[test-haproxy-1]2016-09-06T03:10:02.710404344Z INFO:haproxy:dockercloud/haproxy PID: 5
[test-haproxy-1]2016-09-06T03:10:03.818713615Z INFO:haproxy:==========BEGIN==========
[test-haproxy-1]2016-09-06T03:10:03.818870885Z INFO:haproxy:Websocket open
[test-haproxy-1]2016-09-06T03:10:05.551222104Z INFO:haproxy:Linked service
[test-haproxy-2]2016-09-06T03:10:05.700802671Z frontend default_port_80
[test-haproxy-2]2016-09-06T03:10:05.700805013Z bind :80
[test-haproxy-2]2016-09-06T03:10:05.700807399Z reqadd X-Forwarded-Proto:\ http
[test-haproxy-2]2016-09-06T03:10:05.700809868Z maxconn 4096
[test-haproxy-2]2016-09-06T03:10:05.700812264Z default_backend default_service
[test-haproxy-2]2016-09-06T03:10:05.700814742Z backend default_service
[test-haproxy-2]2016-09-06T03:10:05.700817305Z appsession JSESSIONID len 52 timeout 3h
[test-haproxy-2]2016-09-06T03:10:05.700820003Z server TEST_WEB_1 cookie TEST_WEB_1 check inter 2000 rise 2 fall 3
[test-haproxy-2]2016-09-06T03:10:05.701766835Z INFO:haproxy:Launching HAProxy
[test-haproxy-2]2016-09-06T03:10:05.704390434Z INFO:haproxy:HAProxy has been launched(PID: 12)
[test-haproxy-2]2016-09-06T03:10:05.704487627Z INFO:haproxy:===========END===========
[test-haproxy-2]2016-09-06T03:10:05.712053875Z [ALERT] 249/031005 (12) : parsing [/haproxy.cfg:41] : 'appsession' is not supported anymore, please check the documentation.
[test-haproxy-2]2016-09-06T03:10:05.712097736Z [ALERT] 249/031005 (12) : Error(s) found in configuration file : /haproxy.cfg
[test-haproxy-2]2016-09-06T03:10:05.712179041Z [ALERT] 249/031005 (12) : Fatal errors found in configuration.

Just in case it helps:

deployment_strategy: every_node
image: 'dockercloud/haproxy:latest'
- test-web
- '80'
- global
- APPSESSION=JSESSIONID len 52 timeout 3h
image: 'my image that listens on 3009'
- '3009'

@tifayuki tifayuki self-assigned this Sep 28, 2016
@tifayuki tifayuki added the bug label Sep 28, 2016

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@NicoTexas NicoTexas commented Mar 16, 2017

Just tested and got the same result with latest version.


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@Franklin89 Franklin89 commented Apr 7, 2017

Same here...
@tifayuki any updates on this?


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@tifayuki tifayuki commented Apr 13, 2017

I have removed appsession in staging branch and create a new issue to support stick-table: #191
Close this one.

@tifayuki tifayuki closed this Apr 13, 2017
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