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Daemon won't start when tls feature is applied #2663

musicaudience opened this issue Mar 5, 2018 · 2 comments


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commented Mar 5, 2018

Expected behavior

Daemon is running with tls feature applied.

Actual behavior

Daemon won't start( it's always starting) when tls feature configured.



it's starting more than 2 hours.

the latest log it prints:

  • Full output of the diagnostics from "Diagnose & Feedback" in the menu
    Docker for Mac: version: 17.12.0-ce-mac55 (18467c0ae7afb7a736e304f991ccc1a61d67a4ab)
    macOS: version 10.13.3 (build: 17D102)
    logs: /tmp/6DDE7673-1DF0-4B04-8747-C15BDA9B8110/20180305-193424.tar.gz
    failure: docker ps failed: (Failure "docker ps: timeout after 10.00s")
    [OK] vpnkit
    [OK] vmnetd
    [OK] dns
    [OK] driver.amd64-linux
    [OK] app
    [OK] virtualization VT-X
    [OK] moby
    [OK] system
    [OK] moby-syslog
    [OK] kubernetes
    [OK] env
    [OK] virtualization kern.hv_support
    [OK] moby-console
    [OK] osxfs
    [OK] logs
    [ERROR] docker-cli
    docker ps failed
    [OK] disk
    Failure: Could not upload diagnostic data to remote server (docker-diagnose exit code is 1)

You can also run diagnostics manually :
$ /Applications/ -u

  • A reproducible case if this is a bug, Dockerfiles FTW
    below is my daemon configuration:
    "debug" : true,
    "tlskey" : "/Users/test_user/.ssh/trauto/server-key.pem",
    "tlscert" : "/Users/test_user/.ssh/trauto/server-cert.pem",
    "experimental" : false,
    "tlsverify" : true,
    "tlscacert" : "/Users/test_user/.ssh/ca/root/ca-cert.pem",
    "log-level" : "debug"

below are my scripts used to generate certs and keys:

rm -f ls ./ | egrep -iv "^$"
openssl genrsa -aes256 -passout pass:$PASS -out ca-key.pem 4096
openssl req -passin pass:$PASS -new -x509 -key ca-key.pem -out ca-cert.pem -sha256 -days 7500 -subj "/C=CN/ST=xxxx/L=xxxx/O=xxxx/OU=xxxx/CN=xxxx"
chmod -v 0400 ca-key.pem
chmod -v 0444 ca-cert.pem**

rm -f ls ./ | egrep -iv "^$"


openssl genrsa -out server-key.pem 4096
openssl req -new -key server-key.pem -out server.csr -sha256 -subj "/C=CN/ST=Shanghai/L=Shanghai/O=xxx/OU=xxx/"

echo subjectAltName =,DNS:*,IP: >> extfile.cnf
echo extendedKeyUsage = serverAuth >> extfile.cnf

openssl x509 -sha256 -CAcreateserial -passin pass:$CAPASS -req -CA $CAPATH/ca-cert.pem -CAkey $CAPATH/ca-key.pem -in server.csr -out server-cert.pem -days 7500 -extfile extfile.cnf

rm server.csr
rm extfile.cnf
rm .srl

chmod -v 0400 server-key.pem
chmod -v 0444 server-cert.pem

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. generate keys and certs using above scripts(replace few fields).
  2. configure docker daemon like above.
  3. restart docker.

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commented Mar 13, 2018

Thanks for your report. It looks like adding --tls* options disables the Unix domain socket (/var/run/docker.sock) used by to talk to the dockerd.

I've made a prototype fix for this. If you'd like to test it then the experimental build is here:

It should identify (Whale Menu -> About) as

  • Version 18.03.0-ce-rc3-mac56 (23273)
  • Channel: pr
  • ecf1dd665d

Note that

  • it's not suitable for production use
  • it might offer an auto-upgrade: do not accept, as the upgraded build will be another experimental build which lacks the fix.

Let me know if this build works for you.


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commented Mar 28, 2018

@djs55 thanks, it works well for me now.

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