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Docker volume extension api.

Go handler to create external volume extensions for Docker.


This library is designed to be integrated in your program.

  1. Implement the volume.Driver interface.
  2. Initialize a volume.Handler with your implementation.
  3. Call either ServeTCP or ServeUnix from the volume.Handler.

Example using TCP sockets:

  d := MyVolumeDriver{}
  h := volume.NewHandler(d)
  h.ServeTCP("test_volume", ":8080")

Example using Unix sockets:

  d := MyVolumeDriver{}
  h := volume.NewHandler(d)
  u, _ := user.Lookup("root")
  gid, _ := strconv.Atoi(u.Gid)
  h.ServeUnix("test_volume", gid)

Full example plugins