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This tutorial starts with a simple Node.js application (HTTP Rest API built with Sails.js) and details the steps needed to Dockerize it and ensure its scalability.

The application stores data in a MongoDB database. This tutorial does not address the scaling of the MongoDB part.

Note: Do not hesitate to provide any comments / feedback you may have, that will help make this tutorial better.


Some of the Docker basics will be reviewed but it is recommended to follow Docker for beginners prior to follow this tutorial in order to get a clear understanding of what is inside Docker and how to use it.

Let's start

Setup our sample node application

Create the application's image

Publish image on Docker Store

Single Docker host networking

Multiple Docker hosts networking

Deploy on a Docker Swarm


We've covered several important aspects of Docker and hopefully this helped to have a better understanding of the platform.

What we've done so far

Once again, feedback / comments are more than welcome :)