An experimental go library providing Compose-like functionality
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GoDoc Build Status

A Go library for Docker Compose. It does everything the command-line tool does, but from within Go -- read Compose files, start them, scale them, etc.

Note: This is experimental and not intended to replace the Docker Compose command-line tool. If you're looking to use Compose, head over to the Compose installation instructions to get started with it.

Here is a list of known project that uses libcompose:


package main

import (



func main() {
	project, err := docker.NewProject(&ctx.Context{
		Context: project.Context{
			ComposeFiles: []string{"docker-compose.yml"},
			ProjectName:  "my-compose",
	}, nil)

	if err != nil {

	err = project.Up(context.Background(), options.Up{})

	if err != nil {


You need either Docker and make, or go in order to build libcompose.

Building with docker

You need Docker and make and then run the binary target. This will create binary for all platform in the bundles folder.

$ make binary
docker build -t "libcompose-dev:refactor-makefile" .
# […]
---> Making bundle: binary (in .)
Number of parallel builds: 4

-->      darwin/386:
-->    darwin/amd64:
-->       linux/386:
-->     linux/amd64:
-->       linux/arm:
-->     windows/386:
-->   windows/amd64:

$ ls bundles
libcompose-cli_darwin-386*    libcompose-cli_linux-amd64*      libcompose-cli_windows-amd64.exe*
libcompose-cli_darwin-amd64*  libcompose-cli_linux-arm*
libcompose-cli_linux-386*     libcompose-cli_windows-386.exe*

Building with go

  • You need go v1.5 or greater
  • If you are not using go v1.6, you need to set export GO15VENDOREXPERIMENT=1 environment variable
  • If your working copy is not in your GOPATH, you need to set it accordingly.
$ go generate
# Generate some stuff
$ go build -o libcompose ./cli/main


A partial implementation of the libcompose-cli CLI is also implemented in Go. The primary purpose of this code is so one can easily test the behavior of libcompose.

Run one of these:


Tests (unit & integration)

You can run unit tests using the test-unit target and the integration test using the test-integration target. If you don't use Docker and make to build libcompose, you can use go test and the following scripts : hack/test-unit and hack/test-integration.

$ make test-unit
docker build -t "libcompose-dev:refactor-makefile" .
---> Making bundle: test-unit (in .)
+ go test -cover -coverprofile=cover.out ./docker
ok     0.019s  coverage: 4.6% of statements
+ go test -cover -coverprofile=cover.out ./project
ok    0.010s  coverage: 8.4% of statements
+ go test -cover -coverprofile=cover.out ./version
ok    0.002s  coverage: 0.0% of statements

Test success

Current status

The project is still being kickstarted... But it does a lot. Please try it out and help us find bugs.


Want to hack on libcompose? Docker's contributions guidelines apply.

If you have comments, questions, or want to use your knowledge to help other, come join the conversation on IRC. You can reach us at #libcompose on Freenode.